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  • Can a Sex Offender Work at or Attend School?

    If you are convicted of a sex offense in Massachusetts, you will likely face some serious consequences and harsh restrictions that will affect you for your entire life; one of those being registering as a sex offender. While being a sex offender will definitely restrict your ability to get a job or be on school and university campuses, what happens if you are a student or work on campus? Attending ...
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  • Title IX Sexual Assault Policy Roll-Backs

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently made a decision to reject some of the Obama administration’s sexual assault policies on college campuses. While the Obama administration wanted to crack down on sexual violence in federally-funded schools, its policies soon began favoring the rights of the complainants over those accused of sexual offenses. Details of the Policies The policies imposed ...
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  • Why Prosecutors Find It Difficult to Prosecute Date Rape Cases

    Being accused of committing a date rape offense can have devastating consequences to an individual’s liberty, reputation, education, and employment opportunities. These crimes are always highly publicized, making the defendant appear guilty before ever stepping foot in the courtroom. However, prosecutors are reluctant to take cases that appear to be un-winnable. The following are five reasons why ...
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  • Avoid Being Falsely Accused of Rape in College

    The college years are an exciting time in the life of young men and women. Without parents to watch your every move, you have the freedom to make new friends, go to parties, and stay up as late as you want. However, with all of that new freedom and new people, new problems are bound to occur. Spend one night with the wrong person and you could be falsely accused of rape and face a lifetime of ...
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  • Two Babson College Students Reprieved for Trump Victory Celebration

    With the help of Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey Law, two Babson College students accused of shouting racial and homophobic slurs, as well as spitting on a passerby, as part of a Donald Trump victory celebration have been exonerated. The decision to grant the men reprieve came after both were summoned to Babson College’s honor board for a lengthy, behind-closed-doors hearing on Friday. It was ...
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  • Violent Assault on Salem State University Campus

    The night of March 30 th , 2016 was chaotic on the Salem State University campus after a senior student, Stephen Chastain, violently assaulted a professor in a bathroom; the professor’s identity has been withheld for privacy and security concerns. According to witnesses and police statements, Chastain first strangled the professor before stabbing him up to 30 times, only stopping when witnesses ...
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