Criminal Defense for Spring Breakers in Massachusetts

It is no secret that college students across the United States are some of the most stressed people out there. With all of their day-to-day responsibilities between schoolwork and actual work, it is no wonder so many use Spring Break as a time to unwind, let their worries go, and really go wild with parties. However, as a party gets more and more exciting, the odds of someone getting accused of a serious crime also increase.

Criminal accusations commonly associated with Spring Break partying include:

If you are a college student who has been accused of just one of these crimes, then your entire educational future is hanging in the balance. A conviction for a serious crime could convince a dean or school board to eject you from classes or the entire university, which puts a black mark on your record when you try to apply to other schools in the future. The likelihood of consequences that circle around to destroy your hard-earned education increase if your accuser also attends your university.

College sex crimes in particular put you at serious risk of an early end to your education due to Title IX regulations. When one student is accused of sexually assaulting another, colleges and universities are bound by Title IX laws to take near-immediate action. In most cases, this means assuming the accused is guilty and using administrative penalties, like ejection from the university. Since school boards are not part of the criminal justice system, they have the authority to move forward with their chosen penalties unimpeded by typical criminal law processes that allow someone to be seen as innocent until proven guilty. If you have been accused of a college sex crime over Spring Break, youmust act fast in your defense.

Criminal Defense for Spring Breakers in Massachusetts

Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey Law in Massachusetts has a history of successfully defending college students who have been accused of serious crimes, many of which originate from Spring Break parties. He has been called upon by students at Harvard, University of Massachusetts, and many other colleges and universities throughout the state. Brad is preceded by the reputation he has built for tenaciously fighting for the accused, who are often put under an unfair, bias light by society. You can even trust in his legal team to assist you with Title IX defense cases if you are accused over Spring Break of sexually assaulting a fellow student at a party where everyone had too much to drink.

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