• Hiring Brad was the smartest decision we could have made for our son.
    Our son was charged with a very serious felony for which he could have been sentenced to state prison. We asked a lawyer-friend to recommend the “best criminal defense lawyer in Boston” and he told us about Brad. Hiring Brad was the smartest decision we could have made for our son. Not only did Brad obtain an amazing outcome for him, but he was there for us and our son throughout the entire nerve-wracking process: answering questions, returning our calls, explaining the process, and always making himself available to all of us. We cannot recommend Brad Bailey more highly to anyone facing criminal charges in any court at any level.

    - Anonymous

  • We won and my entire case was a success thanks to Brad.
    Brad Bailey is one of the best attorneys I've had. He's easy to talk to and listens. Gives great advice and is ready to do work hard for a positive outcome. He recommended a probate attorney to help my case and all together We won and my entire case was a success thanks to Brad and my other great attorney. I'm very pleased to have been represented by him.

    - Krysten O'Donnell

  • When you want the very best service, the very best law intelligence, the very best outcome, I would look for Brad Bailey.
    When you want the very best service, the very best law intelligence, the very best outcome, I would look for Brad Bailey. This is one smart and hard-working attorney. He is attentive and he was ready to fight any angle the prosecutors could come up with. His experience in the legal forum is significant and it shows. He is a highly revered attorney with great integrity and you can see the other lawyers' faces get a little nervous and hesitant when he walks in. He has a great presence in the courtroom and commands attention, his requests are taken seriously and are never turned down. Brad has almost a sixth sense when it comes to legal proceedings and how a case will go. Not only did we win the case, but we got the ultimate victory - ALL CHARGES DISMISSED! These were very serious charges too. If you want to resolve your legal issues and move on with your life, the smartest thing for you to do is to talk to Brad.

    - Canda Share

  • Would hire him again!
    Would hire him again! Really listened to our situation to help us the best he could.

    - Gina Itor

  • Exceptional representation!
    Exceptional representation! It was great having such a knowledgeable and experienced counselor on my side. Understands the working of the system and puts that to good use for you. I highly recommend him for any criminal defense.

    - Bubba Hagood

  • They are worth every penny I emphatically say with all sincerity!
    Unfortunately for me I was arrested by the Boston Police Department in the spring of 2015. The public defender the court originally assigned to handle my case may have meant well & he may have had good intentions, etc., but he was clearly overwhelmed with his caseload. Thus, I knew upon my release that afternoon I was in deep trouble if I didn’t take matters into my own hands as I was clearly thinking of my future & how something like the arrest was going to affect it. Upon returning home that afternoon, I got onto my computer & started to research criminal defense attorneys. The results of my research yielded several reputable defense attorneys but one name kept coming up; Brad Bailey. On the day of our first meeting I was quite nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect. However, attorney Bailey & his Associate Adamo Lanza quickly put me at ease in discussing how they would ultimately handle the case. I can’t tell you enough what a relief it was for me to listen to these two explain that although the charges I was facing were serious, it wasn’t going to be the end of the world for me as they had already begun crafting a winning defense strategy for me even before my arrival! I suppose one of the things that sets this firm apart from others is the fact that I was offered an initial consultation that was in my humble opinion a “real” consultation in that it wasn’t rushed, went into great detail & the Bailey Law Firm was thinking “two moves ahead” to borrow a metaphor from Chess. Even before I arrived the team had already put a winning strategy into motion. Upon retention of the Bailey Law Firm, one of the things that I really appreciated is the fact that unlike other law firms, no matter who you are as long as you’re a client of the Bailey Law Firm you are priority number one. Case in point; all of my call & emails were answered in a timely manner. In addition, not a single court date was skipped, except for a postponement in the interest of obtaining a better deal from the DA’s office. But what really struck me was that rather than simply taking what the DA was initially offering which he could have done for the sake of expediency, he continued to fight, continued to hold out for the best possible deal for me his ‘valued client’. I can’t stress enough that although deals were initially offered that could’ve easily been accepted, those wouldn’t have been best for me in the long – run so Brad did what was necessary to obtain the most favorable outcome for me. Ultimately, Brad & Adamo were able to get my case dismissed, an outcome that couldn’t have been better! Thus, I wholeheartedly recommend this law firm to anyone that cares about retaining the services of a team that can simultaneously handle all of the high – profile cases they are known to handle while at the same time applying the same level of criminal defense expertise and attention to your case no matter how large or small. In retaining the services of this law office you will be in great hands & your questions will be answered. Not only that but you’ll be able rest assured your individual case will be handled with the utmost priority! I couldn’t have had a better advocate in my corner for the fight of my life. I recommend strongly that if it’s your future at stake you turn to the Bailey Law office. They are worth every penny I emphatically say with all sincerity!

    - Anonymous

  • I made the best decision in choosing Brad Bailey Law
    I am a young professional and a recent university graduate. I was arrested for a misdemeanor charge. As a minority and as someone facing the legal system for the first time, I was terrified about what could happen to me in the courts system and the implications of this charge on my future. I am planning on pursuing a graduate program and I was afraid this would ruin my chances at pursuing the future I’ve worked so hard to construct. I was very depressed, anxious, and I knew I needed the very best help I could get to get my life back together to and to control my fear and anxiety. After doing some research I narrowed it down to Brad Bailey Law. This whole incident happened during a holiday weekend and I was afraid I would not be able to contact someone in time to help me but Brad Bailey answered my calls on a holiday night and agreed to meet me at his office on a holiday weekend to go over my case. Brad and his associate Adamo both showed up to my arraignment and it was then clear to me I made the best decision. The way in which the prosecuting lawyers, the DA’s, and Judges talked to them showed me that they were very highly regarded in the Boston legal system. Throughout the few months that my case was pending, both Brad and Adamo answered my anxious calls and reassured me about the most likely outcomes. Even though they were very busy with other cases, they worked so hard on my case that I never felt neglected. In the end, I was granted pretrial probation and the charges were dropped after a few months. Adamo and Brad also agreed to help me seal my record after probation was over to make sure no one ever sees that arrest record at all. This only reassures that I will be able to carry on with my life. Looking back, I am sure I made the best decision in choosing Brad Bailey Law to help with my case and that I received the best possible outcome. I am very grateful to Brad Bailey Law for helping me through these tough times. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me unto anyone but if you ever find yourself in a troublesome position do what’s best for you and get the best team you can get to help you. I am confident Brad can help you get the best possible outcome as he’s helped me.

    - Client

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Bailey for any criminal case.
    I had the opportunity to work for Brad Bailey on a variety of high-profile white collar criminal cases, where his zeal and attention to detail held him in good stead. It was a pleasure to work for Brad, who demonstrated an unmatched ability to strategize criminal cases and empathize with his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Bailey for any criminal case.

    - Rochelle Meddoff

  • I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of top level criminal defense representation.
    I worked for Brad at a criminal defense firm in Boston for four years. Brad was a mentor who taught me litigation skills that I find invaluable in my practice as a criminal defense attorney. Brad is a superb trial attorney who possesses the ability to represent clients in both the federal and state courts. Brad has a tireless work ethic and always acts as a zealous advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of top level criminal defense representation.

    - Tracy Bulger

  • I highly recommend him.
    I endorse this lawyer. I have had the opportunity to work with Attorney Bailey on several complex criminal matters, at all phases of preparation he was thorough, thoughtful and quite skilled at developing a top notch theory for his client’s defense. His client skills are second to none he is honest and completely devoted to providing the best legal service one could expect. His experience in both state and federal courts is extensive and his reputation within the legal community is excellent. I highly recommend him.

    - Robert Griffin

  • With any criminal case you are in good hands with this lawyer.
    I highly recommend this lawyer’s work. I have known Brad since the early nineties. He is extremely knowledgeable about all criminal defense issues. He is very hard-working and provides excellent representation for his clients. He demonstrates an unparalleled concern for his clients and their families. He has a remarkable courtroom demeanor. He is very detail oriented and delivers great results. Brad wins some of the most difficult cases and his reputation for honesty and excellence extends from Boston to California. With any criminal case you are in good hands with this lawyer.

    - Stephen Neyman

  • Brad Bailey instantly struck us as a warm and friendly lawyer who had experience.
    I am a college student and last year, I made some terrible drunken decisions which led to me being arrested and facing charges that could land me in jail and ruin my record forever. After these events, I was very sad and remorseful, and I knew that I would have to find the best lawyer I could in order to preserve my future. After going through a few inexperienced hack lawyers, my family and I took to the larger firms in Boston to find someone experienced and trustworthy. Brad Bailey instantly struck us as a warm and friendly lawyer who had experience navigating the complicated legal terrain of Boston’s courts. After meeting many different lawyers, we decided to go with Brad. Brad guided us through each step of the process, making our lives considerably easier. He worked hard to assemble a packet to present to the court to ensure the best possible outcome for me. The packet included witness testimonies, letters of support from friends and family, and a long letter in which he argued vehemently for me. The end result ended up being the size of a very thick book, and the judge and other lawyers remarked that it was one of the best packets they had ever seen. In addition, Brad negotiated at length with the judge, DA, and the prosecution. In the end, he was able to get an excellent outcome for me, a Continuation Without a Finding (CWOF) which means that I complete probation and all the charges are dismissed. In addition, I was originally charged with a felony, but Brad was able to get rid of that charge so I was only charged with misdemeanors. Other lawyers were saying it was impossible to get probation with the charges I faced. Another reason why we were very pleased with Brad is because he not only guided us through the legal process, but also provided extensive support for my whole situation beginning to end. For me, that meant dealing with my school’s disciplinary board. He helped greatly in providing materials and reviewing and editing my statements for the case. Eventually, my college decided to let me come back to school after a year off, and Brad’s help was definitely crucial to this result. Brad continues to help as he has offered to file motions to terminate my probation early so that I can focus on my studies, and seal my record so that even the dismissed charges will not see the light of day. My whole family and I have developed a great relationship with Brad over the many months we have worked with him, and he is like a wise grandfatherly figure to us. We are so glad that we were able to find him. Brad is the real deal and we would recommend him to anyone who is in a tough legal situation.

    - Criminal Defense Client

  • Mr. Bailey is without question the very best criminal defense attorney one could have.
    Mr. Bailey is without question the very best criminal defense attorney one could have. His diverse and extensive background, combined with his soft skill talents makes him the perfect attorney. He studied my background with great care and developed the most appropriate and aggressive defense strategy. I would recommend Mr. Bailey above all others in any such case.

    - Criminal Defense client

  • Brad is by far the best attorney I have ever dealt with in any criminal cases.
    Brad is by far the best attorney I have ever dealt with in any criminal cases. He has represented me in district and federal cases and always put in 200%. I’ve never met another attorney who has always answered my calls everyday including late night on the weekends. He treats me with courtesy and respect and always has my best interests in mind. For a guy who’s a legal expert for a local news station I was worried he may not always have time for me and nothing has ever been further than the truth. He’s knowledgeable and persistent. If you can afford his representation it will be worth every penny, what’s more valuable than freedom?

    - Criminal Defense client

  • I recommend Brad to anyone needing an experienced, dedicated, and talented criminal defense lawyer.
    Several years ago, I was arrested and locked-up for a crime I did not commit. After trial, I was sentenced to State Prison even though I was completely innocent. That’s when we hired Brad Bailey. Brad and his colleagues believed in me from the start. Brad showed a judge why my jury trial hadn’t been fair and why my first lawyer had been ineffective. He found and hired the forensic expert I should have had at my trial and persuaded the judge I was wrongfully convicted. 1 ½ yrs after meeting Brad, I walked out of prison a free man, innocent of charges that could have kept me in jail for up to 30 yrs. Brad Bailey is a terrific lawyer. I will be forever grateful to him and his colleagues for “saving” my life. I recommend Brad to anyone needing an experienced, dedicated, and talented criminal defense lawyer.

    - Criminal Defense client

  • If it wasn’t for Brad I would still be in state prison today.
    I was arrested and charged in November 2009 for embezzlement of $2.5 million dollars. When my crime was discovered in 2007 my first attorney and I tried without success to unconditionally fully corporate with the Mass Assistant Attorney General who was handling my case. Basically the AG’s office was not interested in saving the state investigation costs. They only wanted to drag out the process and hopefully put me in state prison for 7 to 10 years. Therefore it took the AG over two years for to indict me and just before election time….. By then I realized I needed a top quality experienced criminal trial lawyer. Fortunately, (I cannot stress this enough) Brad Bailey was recommended by a good friend who took the time to vet top quality criminal defense attorneys. The first thing Brad did was to fight to have my bail reduced from $350,000 to a very affordable amount although because I was over 50 and looking at a long sentence I decided not to accept bail because I wanted to start doing my time as soon as possible. Brad did his best to negotiate a reasonable sentence especially since I was a first time offender and I had a young child. The Attorney General refused to budge off a 4 to 5 year state prison sentence so Brad suggested we present an Un-agreed-sentence Guilty Plea to the Judge requesting 2 years county jail time. The process took 11 months and due to Brad’s negotiations the Judge accepted my plea and the 2 year county jail time we requested. Because I was sentenced to county jail in lieu of state time I was allowed to request and was then granted parole after serving only a year. I have Brad to thank for allowing me to return to my life and return to my son. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for Brad I would still be in state prison today. Most importantly though, Brad stayed in constant touch with me the 11 months I spent in jail awaiting my trial. He visited often and always accepted my “collect” calls and when he wasn’t available always sent timely letters in response to my voicemail. I cannot stress how important this was to me as I always felt I had someone advocating for me. Other than the HORRIBLE food, most of the complaints I heard while in jail were dreadful stories of shoddy legal representation. Most pretrial inmates hardly ever heard from their attorneys therefore had no idea what was or “was not” happening with their case and some of them had paid much higher fees. I cannot stress how important this was to me….. Brad always treated me with the utmost respect and compassion and he always had my best interest at hand. I was fortunate I had Brad Bailey as my attorney and I highly recommend him if your life depends on professional legal representation. Brad gave me back my life.

    - Criminal Defense client

  • Brad is simply an outstanding attorney.
    Brad is simply an outstanding attorney. I was wrongly incarcerated a few years ago for a crime I did not commit. Brad fought hard for my freedom and treated me like a family member. He always returned calls, listened to my suggestions and put forth an effort an passion that was unmatched throughout my ordeal. I had lost faith in the legal system after I was wrongly convicted. The errors made in the trial which led to wrongful conviction were egregious and throughout the nearly 2 1/2 year appellate process, Brad kept me focused that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He always kept things positive for me. I can and will always remember the day when he came into prison to see me with the reversal decision in his hand. I can assure you that the feeling of being released from prison after being wrongly incarcerated and after winning your appeal is one of the greatest joys one can experience. Even after the the convictions were overturned in the appeals court, Brad continued to fight hard against an overzealous prosecution. Thank you Brad for everything you did. I owe you all of my current success and my life for winning my freedom. To anyone who is considering Brad Bailey as a lawyer, look no further you found the best out there.

    - Criminal Defense client

  • If your searching this site looking for a Lawyer, don't go any further.
    I hired Mr. Bailey after being referred by another attorney. Mr Bailey handled my case in a professional,caring manner always keeping me informed as to what was transpiring and assuring me that I was in good hands. This was a Federal case which carried a 15 year maximum sentence. I continuously claimed my innocence and Mr. Bailey believed in me throughout the case. Mr. Bailey took my case in front of a Federal jury where he showed me a knowledge of the courts and laws I have never seen before. After a week long trial the jury returned NOT GUILTY verdicts and I was given my life back. Mr. Bailey showed me nothing but respect and fought for me as though it was his life in jeopardy. I strongly recommend Mr. Bailey to any person(s) who have any type of legal issues. Mr. Bailey is the type of Lawyer that gives his 100 percent at all times. There was never a time that I called his office or cell phone that he did not answer or return my call immediately. Mr. Bailey will never be forgotten by this client or his family ever. If your searching this site looking for a Lawyer, don't go any further. Trust me!!! You have just found the BEST.

    - Federal Crime client

  • I would recommend Brad without hesitation.
    Brad is a fantastic attorney and a great guy! He and his partners and associates worked very hard not just to me the desired result, but also to help guide me through collateral issues that periodically arose. I would recommend Brad without hesitation to anyone who is facing criminal charges.

    - Criminal Defense client

  • Brad is one hell of a guy, and one terrific lawyer.
    I can’t say enough good things about my lawyer, Brad Bailey. Brad helped me out of a very serious situation, using his skill, knowledge and expertise to ultimately get my charges (indictments) dismissed. He is very professional; a very smart man; and he gave me very good advice. He can always be reached, and if you do happen to miss him, he always calls you right back. Brad is always in contact with you; not one of those lawyers you don’t hear from for weeks at a time. His firm is very reasonable with their prices. Once you become Brad’s client, you have his phone number, and can call it anytime. He’s there for you, like a good friend. Brad is one hell of a guy, and one terrific lawyer.

    - Michael T.

  • Brad literally saved my life.
    I had an incident aboard an aircraft arriving in Boston resulting in a criminal case. I was to appear in State Court for a summons arraignment on a charge of “interfering with aircraft operation” – a serious offence where the public details of the charge would have damaged my professional career and personal life – forever. I had never been arrested and this was my first contact with the criminal justice system in any court, at any level, in any state. I needed the very best criminal defense attorney in the business – and, through references obtained by my national law firm, I was introduced to Brad Bailey. Through great care in understanding my history, thoughtful preparation, and relentless pursuit of the prosecuting attorney (who importantly was keenly aware of Brad’s reputation) , Brad negotiated a pre-trial plea agreement (something that the Assistant District Attorney had never done in this instance and initially said “NO”). As a result, I got the best possible outcome – I am a free man with no record – all thanks to Brad. I am convinced I could not have had this result with any other attorney. I have dedicated my recovery to Brad – and, just as he did not let me down, I will never let him down. Brad literally saved my life.

    - Criminal Defense clien

  • I would recommend him to anyone in need of top quality legal representation.
    I worked with Brad for several years. I consider him a mentor and a friend. He is an exceptionally capable and talented criminal defense attorney. Brad is one of the few lawyers who possesses knowledge and skill at both the trial and appellate levels. An attorney with years of experience representing clients in state court, Brad is also one of the best in the bar at the federal level. More importantly, he selflessly dedicates himself to each of his clients. I would recommend him to anyone in need of top quality legal representation.

    - Gary Pelletier

  • You won’t be disappointed.
    I worked with Brad on a number of occasions during the time that we were at the same firm. His professionalism, dedication and legal acumen are second to none. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brad’s services to anyone – you won’t be disappointed.

    - Vikas Dhar

  • He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected.
    I endorse Brad. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community and an asset to the profession.

    - Steven Topazio

  • He is a highly skilled attorney
    I endorse Brad. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

    - Michael Waddington

  • This was the best attorney we could have asked for.
    This was the best attorney we could have asked for. We could not have asked for more.

    - Jake

    Atlanta, GA
  • My testimonial will help you understand just how good of a person and a lawyer Brad Bailey is.
    First off, for obvious reasons I have chosen to leave this review anonymously and I hope that regardless of that fact my testimonial will help you understand just how good of a person and a lawyer Brad Bailey is. I was unfortunate enough to find myself in need of a lawyer. After an argument in my home, about which a neighbor phoned the authorities. Boston police saw fit to arrest and in my opinion get creative in the efforts to charge me with a crime. After spending a night in jail, and being made privy to some of the inner workings of our justice system, I knew I would need to have strong representation despite the fact that I had committed no crime and no evidence existed that could be used to falsely suggest otherwise. I found Brad while searching AVVO, which I guess is the Yelp for lawyers. After meeting with him and his associate I decided to enter into an agreement of representation. I found the difference between Brad and other lawyers to be, for lack of a more articulate way of saying it, he actually gives a shit. In my experience lawyers often look at things like this (especially when there is no case) with a very regimented and absolute perspective. Brad, cares. He's never jaded and he is willing to listen to what you have to say, explain the options and then use his legal expertise to achieve the best outcome possible. He advises you, and is very considerate about making it known that regardless of what your case is he's there to help. My case, and the process surrounding it was a relatively open and shut situation for him especially relative to the felony cases etc. he was working on concurrently, however I never felt as though I was on the back burner, or less important. As he said (paraphrasing) it to me when I thanked him for this, "While it might not be a 'big deal' as far as charges go, it's a HUGE deal to your life, and I want you to know I know and appreciate that". In the end we achieved the best legal outcome possible. And while I feel that a lesser lawyer may have been able to achieve the same outcome, with Brad the outcome far nearer to a certainty and let me tell you doubt is a scary thing when you're in front of a judge. I can't endorse hiring Brad enough.

    - Anonymous

  • They helped save my relationship with my children and gave me my life back.
    When my spouse filed for divorce, I was hit by surprise. Suddenly my world was falling apart and my children were being turn against me. Morris & Adams helped me regain control of my life and salvage my relationship with my kids.

    - Jake B.

    Tulsa, OK
  • I endorse this lawyer.
    I endorse this lawyer.

    - Wassem Amin

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