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Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

High-Profile Criminal Lawyer in Massachusetts: (617) 500-0252

If you are facing criminal charges, you can rely on Brad Bailey, a high-profile criminal defense lawyer who has a respected media presence that includes appearances on major news outlets such as FOX’s Boston affiliate station. In addition to providing legal analysis for CNN and NPR, he has also been featured in the Boston Globe and on major primetime television news programs, such as Dateline and 48 Hours.

What Else Sets Boston Criminal Lawyer Brad Bailey Apart?

  • Thousands of clients defended against state charges
  • 100+ state and federal jury trials handled
  • Brad has been named a Massachusetts Super Lawyer for nine years running
  • Selected for New England Super Lawyers®
  • Massachusetts’ Top 10 by The National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Backed by a proven track record of not-guilty verdicts and case dismissals, even in emotionally charged or even internationally covered cases, Mr. Bailey offers the trial-tested, powerhouse advocacy you urgently need. Discover your possible defenses when you contact our criminal defense firm today!

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Brad Bailey on the Timothy Cahill Trial

Our Boston criminal defense lawyer represented Timothy Cahill in Superior Court, defending the former Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver general against public corruption charges. After a full six weeks of trial and skillful cross-examination, the jury could not agree. Mr. Bailey continued to negotiate with the Office of the Attorney General, reaching a civil settlement that dismissed all criminal charges and made the decision to not retry the case.

Mr. Bailey is a nationally recognized Boston criminal attorney who has successfully handled hundreds of Massachusetts’s and even the country’s toughest cases. This Harvard graduate earned his law degree from one of the top law schools in America (University of Virginia), going on to build an impressive track record of not-guilty verdicts and case dismissals, even in emotionally charged or even internationally covered cases. Mr. Bailey offers the trial-tested, powerhouse advocacy you urgently need.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

We have the experience and proven tenacity to handle cases that include and are not limited to:

In cases with high stakes or even a media spotlight on them, you must have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has proven results in high-profile matters. You will need a lawyer to defend you both in the courtroom and out in front of the media. Brad Bailey Law is where you will find this exceptional, dynamic advocacy. Contact our Massachusetts criminal lawyer now!

Massachusetts Criminal Law

There are two main types of crimes in Massachusetts: misdemeanors and felonies. In general, a misdemeanor offense is not as serious as a felony.

However, while misdemeanors are punishable by a year or less in most states, misdemeanors carry up to 30 months (two and a half years) in jail or a house of corrections and/or a fine worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Common examples of misdemeanors and their penalties include:

  • Assault and/or battery – Punishable by a jail term for up to 30 months and/or a fine not exceeding $1,000

  • Petty larceny (theft of property valued at $1,200 or less) – Carries a jail sentence of up to one year and/or a maximum fine of $1,500

  • Criminal harassment – Punishable by a jail term for up to 30 months and/or a fine no more than $1,000

  • Heroin possession – Carries a maximum jail sentence of two years and/or a fine of up to $2,000

On the other hand, felonies in Massachusetts are punishable by a state prison sentence, rather than local or county jail. A convicted felon’s sentence must be “indeterminate,” which means there is a minimum or maximum term. However, “habitual criminals”—individuals who have been convicted of a felony and have two prior felony convictions on their record—will only be sentenced to the maximum penalties.

Common examples of felonies and their penalties include:

  • First-degree murder – Punishable by life imprisonment without parole

  • Rape – Carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years

  • Vehicular manslaughter – Punishable by imprisonment between five and 20 years, a maximum fine of $25,000, and driver’s license suspension ranging from 15 years to life

  • Grand larceny (theft of property worth more than $1,200) – Carries a maximum prison term of 20 years or a jail term of up to two years and/or a fine of up to $2,500

  • Assault with a deadly weapon – Punishable by imprisonment of up to five years or a maximum 30-month jail term and/or a fine no more than $1,000

As indicated above, several felonies permit an alternate sentence of jail time. Additionally, other sentencing alternatives to prison include suspended sentences (also known as probation) and conditional sentences.

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Featured Case Results

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  • Murder 1, Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Federal Jury Trial - Obstructing Official Proceeding; Destruction of Records Not Guilty
  • Arson Occupied Dwelling/Bomb Federal Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Aggravated (gang) Rape, Jury trial Not Guilty
  • Child Rape, Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Perjury, Obstructing Justice, Federal Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Forcible Rape, Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Trafficking in Cocaine, Jury Trial Not Guilty
  • Rape Appeal, Supreme Judicial Court VERDICT REVERSED, INDICTMENT DISMISSED
  • Aggravated Felonious Sex Assault, New Trial Motion GRANTED, INDICTMENT DISMISSED
  • Murder 1, Jury Trial HUNG JURY
  • Murder 1 , New Trial Motion Granted

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