Two Babson College Students Reprieved for Trump Victory Celebration

With the help of Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey Law, two Babson College students accused of shouting racial and homophobic slurs, as well as spitting on a passerby, as part of a Donald Trump victory celebration have been exonerated. The decision to grant the men reprieve came after both were summoned to Babson College’s honor board for a lengthy, behind-closed-doors hearing on Friday. It was not until Monday that deliberations ended and the men were notified that they had been given a ruling in their favor.

Alleged Events & Unfounded Accusations

When Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, two students – Mr. Rand-Ricciardi and Mr. Tomasso – attending Babson College in Babson Park, Massachusetts could hardly contain their excitement. They decided to attach a Donald Trump flag to their pick-up truck and drove the short distance to Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts to make a few celebratory laps around the campus that boasts itself as Hillary Clinton’s alma mater. The two students had no clue that the action would lead to serious troubles and a huge controversy.

After completing their one-truck celebration parade, the men learned that they had been banned from their fraternities, temporarily barred from Babson College, could face expulsion and other undisclosed disciplinary action, and had apparently stirred up a controversial story that made national headlines. Some students that witnessed their excursion had accused them of using offensive, racist, and homophobic remarks while driving about Wellesley; there was even a claim that they had spat upon someone nearby. People were quick to criticize the students, and even faculty members at Wellesley and Babson expressed their discontent and anger.

Well-Founded Victory for the Students

No matter what was said about the students, the Babson honor board was concerned with the facts. As Attorney Brad Bailey helped point out, the facts were in favor of Rand-Ricciardi and Tomasso. No eyewitnesses came forth to provide testimonies that claimed the men had actually used offensive terms and spat upon passersby. Campus police also told the board that they were unable to substantiate the claims through their own investigations.

The fact that the case closed in favor of Brad Bailey’s client speaks volumes for the importance of thorough investigations in all legal matters, criminal or not. It is also reassuring to know that freedom of speech and expression was not hindered by unsubstantiated claims of emotional abuse.

For more information regarding the case’s outcome, The Boston Globe posted an article here. If you are a college student that needs assistance with a criminal defense case or administrative hearing, you can contact our law firm to learn what Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey can do for you during a free case analysis.

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