Can a Sex Offender Work at or Attend School?

If you are convicted of a sex offense in Massachusetts, you will likely face some serious consequences and harsh restrictions that will affect you for your entire life; one of those being registering as a sex offender. While being a sex offender will definitely restrict your ability to get a job or be on school and university campuses, what happens if you are a student or work on campus?

Attending Massachusetts Schools

According to Massachusetts’ government website, you must register as a sex offender within 10 days of starting school, if you are accepted. Schools also run their own background checks, and their decision to accept you is based on the level (1 through 3, with 3 being the most serious) of the sex crime and any other past criminal activity.

Working at Massachusetts Schools

Similar to attending school, a sex offender must register as a sex offender 2 days before starting their job and register their work address within 10 days of starting their job. While there are few Level 2 sex offenders that work on college campuses (Sean Janson being a very controversial hire), Level 3 college employees are rare, if not nonexistent.

All sex offenders must report their full name, addresses, work addresses, and schools they attend, which the public can go online and see (or call the police to ask about). Level 2 and 3 offenders must have their fingerprints and photographs taken by the local police. As you can see, registering as a sex offender can severely limit your education and employment opportunities.

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