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      Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer

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      Criminal charges have the power to derail the life you worked so hard building, as they can result in substantial prison time, high monetary fines, offender registration in some cases, and a life-long criminal record. As a result, you may suffer significant barriers to obtaining employment, housing, loans, licensure, and higher education, which is why you must not take your accusations lightly. Unfortunately, believing that you are innocent is simply not enough in our criminal justice system. You must prove your innocence. However, you can’t do it alone, you need the help of a Boston criminal attorney.

      To maximize your chances of resolving your criminal charges, you should put a seasoned Boston criminal defense lawyer on your side. Contact our criminal attorney today at (617) 500-0252 for a free consultation!

      Trust Our Boston Criminal Attorney

      If you have been charged with a federal, white collar, or serious state crime, turn to our Boston criminal defense lawyer for the trial-tested, nationally-recognized defense you deserve. Attorney Brad Bailey is a former prosecutor and County Sheriff who understands how both sides of the criminal justice system work, allowing him to establish a track record for building winning case strategies and earning favorable outcomes as a result. With over 5 decades of legal experience, you can entrust your case in the hands of our powerhouse Boston criminal defense attorney and quickly learn why Brad Bailey Law is right for you.

      Our Boston criminal defense lawyers handle cases including, but not limited to:

      What Happens After an Arrest in Boston?

      Whether the police respond to an alleged crime or there is a warrant out for your arrest, getting arrested is an emotionally overwhelming and traumatic experience, especially if it is the first time. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can be used against you in court. You also have the right to consult a Boston criminal attorney—either your own or one appointed by the court—be present while being questioned by police officers.

      After an arrest, the legal process consists of the following steps:

      • Booking – Once you are arrested by police, you will be taken into custody, where you will be asked for basic information (e.g., birthdate, address, etc.), fingerprinted, and photographed. Officers will also confiscate and secure any personal property or money that you have on your person for inventory. After you are booked, prosecutors will determine what charges should be filed, if any, generally within 48 or 72 hours.
      • Arraignment – You will face a judge of a lower court or magistrate and your charge(s), and associated penalties, are read and you are advised of your right to a trial and counsel. You will also be asked to enter a plea (e.g., not guilty, guilty, or no contest). If you retain private legal representation or appointed legal counsel by the court, a plea of not guilty is entered and a trial date is set. However, if you have been charged with a felony, you do not enter a plea. Rather, a preliminary hearing will be scheduled, whereby a judge or magistrates must determine if there is probable cause or sufficient evidence to believe that you have committed the alleged offense.
      • Bail – Bail is the amount of money you must post to be released from custody until your trial. The purpose of bail is to ensure you appear for trial and all pre-trial hearings. Once the trial is over, bail is returned.
      • Plea bargaining – The truth is many criminal cases are resolved outside of court through plea bargaining, when the prosecution and the defense negotiate a plea agreement in which you would plead guilty to a lesser charge or only one of several charges. You could also plead guilty and receive a lenient sentence.
      • Trial – If pleading guilty or plea bargaining is not in your best interest, then the case will proceed to trial by jury. Both sides present their opening arguments, then the State will present evidence a have witnesses testify, which will be cross-examined by the defense. Afterward, the defense calls witnesses and presents evidence, then the State will cross-examine. Lastly, both sides will provide a closing argument. The jury will deliberate and reach a verdict. If the jury reaches a “guilty” verdict, the judge will decide the sentence. If the decision is “not guilty,” you can go home.

      What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

      A criminal defense lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in providing legal representation and advocacy for individuals who are accused of committing crimes. The primary role of a criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that the accused person's rights are protected throughout the legal process and to provide a strong defense against the charges they are facing. Here's what a criminal defense lawyer does:

      • Case Evaluation: Criminal defense lawyers evaluate the details of the case, including the evidence, witnesses, and circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. They assess the strength of the prosecution's case and identify potential weaknesses or opportunities for defense.
      • Legal Advice: Lawyers provide legal counsel to their clients, explaining the charges, potential consequences, and available legal options. They help clients understand their rights and make informed decisions.
      • Investigation: Criminal defense lawyers conduct thorough investigations to gather evidence that supports their clients' defense. This may involve interviewing witnesses, analyzing physical evidence, reviewing police reports, and hiring experts.
      • Legal Research: Lawyers research relevant laws, statutes, regulations, and case precedents to build a strong legal argument in defense of their clients.
      • Building a Defense Strategy: Based on their evaluation and research, criminal defense lawyers develop a defense strategy tailored to the specific case. They determine the best approach to challenge the prosecution's evidence and arguments.
      • Negotiations with Prosecution: Lawyers negotiate with the prosecution to explore the possibility of plea bargains or reduced charges. They advocate for outcomes that are favorable to their clients, such as reduced sentences or alternative sentencing options.
      • Pretrial Motions: Lawyers may file pretrial motions to suppress evidence that was obtained unlawfully or to challenge procedural aspects of the case.
      • Trial Representation: Lawyers represent their clients in court, present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and make legal arguments to the judge and jury. Their goal is to establish reasonable doubt and protect their clients' rights.
      • Appeals: If a client is found guilty, criminal defense lawyers can assist with the appeals process. They review the trial proceedings to identify errors that may have affected the outcome and argue for the conviction to be overturned or for a new trial to be granted.
      • Expert Consultation: In complex cases, lawyers may consult with forensic experts, medical professionals, psychologists, and other specialists to strengthen their defense.
      • Protecting Constitutional Rights: Lawyers ensure that their clients' constitutional rights, such as the right to remain silent and the right to a fair trial, are upheld throughout the legal proceedings.

      To learn more about how our firm can help you specifically, contact us today.

      Few things are more important than your peace of mind. That’s why you can count on us to go the distance to help you come out on top. To get started with our Boston criminal defense attorney, contact us at (617) 500-0252!

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      Hire a Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Who Gets Results
      Not Guilty Verdicts & Dismissals in Cases Across America
      • Murder 1, Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Federal Jury Trial - Obstructing Official Proceeding; Destruction of Records Not Guilty
      • Arson Occupied Dwelling/Bomb Federal Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Aggravated (gang) Rape, Jury trial Not Guilty
      • Child Rape, Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Perjury, Obstructing Justice, Federal Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Forcible Rape, Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Trafficking in Cocaine, Jury Trial Not Guilty
      • Rape Appeal, Supreme Judicial Court Verdict Reversed, Indictment Dismissed
      • Aggravated Felonious Sex Assault, New Trial Motion Granted, Indictment Dismissed
      • Murder 1, Jury Trial Hung Jury
      • Murder 1 , New Trial Motion Granted
      • Aggravated child rape (age-gap), Jury Trial Hung Jury/Indictments Dismissed
      • Aggravated child rape (age-gap) Indictments Dismissed
      • Murder 1 Charges Dismissed
      • Fraud/False Pretenses, Conflict of Interest, Conspiracy, Jury Trial Hung Jury/Indictments Dismissed
      • Accessory After the Fact (to Felony), False Statements ( Public Official) Indictments Dismissed
      • Murder 1 [Insanity Defense] Charges Reduced
      • Aggravated Rape of Child (age-gap) And Child Rape, Jury Trial Hung Jury/Mistrial Declared
      • Conspiracy to: Commit International Money Laundering; Defraud USA; and Commit Health Care Fraud NOT GUILTY VERDICTS
      • Racketeering (RICO); Wire Fraud REVERSED ON APPEAL
      • Possession of Child Pornography [Felony] MOTION TO SUPPRESS GRANTED Charges and Case dismissed
      • Murder 1 [Adjutant Defense] Manslaughter Result
      • Aggravated Rape of Child (age-gap); Forcible Rape of Child; Indecent Assault and Battery Hung Jury, All (10) Counts; Mistrial Declared
      Brad Bailey Is Without Question One of the Most Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Boston See Why We Are Boston's Go-To Criminal Defense Firm
      • Cta Image Brad’s experience is unmatched. He has appeared before hundreds of judges throughout the state, region, and country.
      • Cta Image Brad Bailey should be your first call. Brad knows the federal court in Boston, and the clerks and judges know and respect him.
      • Cta Image With over 100 superior court and federal trials under his belt, you won’t find a more experienced criminal defense trial attorne
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      • "We cannot recommend Brad Bailey more highly to anyone facing criminal charges in any court at any level."
      • "Brad Bailey is one of the best attorneys I've had. He's easy to talk to and listens. Gives great advice and is ready to do work hard for a positive outcome."
        Krysten O'Donnell
      • "This is one smart and hard-working attorney. He is attentive and he was ready to fight any angle the prosecutors could come up with. His experience in the legal forum is significant and it shows."
        Canda Share
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      Why Choose Our Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer?

      Nationally Known Defense Attorney

      When clients face dire consequences for a criminal charge, Brad makes his unparalleled state and federal courtroom experience count. As a state prosecutor, Brad handled armed robbery, cocaine trafficking, murder, and other serious felony cases. As a federal prosecutor, Brad never lost a trial, whether it involved organized crime or an international drug conspiracy. He earned the office’s highest ranking of “Outstanding Prosecutor”. Now he uses this insider knowledge to defend clients, earning a perfect 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating as a Boston criminal lawyer due to his professionalism, sterling reputation, and proven track record of not guilty verdicts. In addition to Brad's legal accomplishments, he has a remarkable academic background, educated at Harvard and UVA School of Law, which enables him to truly be able to think outside of the box.

      He understand that it’s not just a client’s reputation on the line, but also their freedom, financial and property interests, and their family’s well being and support. He never fails to provide each client with the high-caliber, powerhouse advocacy they need and deserve.

      Contact our Boston criminal defense attorney for a free consultation by calling (617) 500-0252

      Discover Your Legal Options Today

      "We put our clients first and foremost, providing clients with the creative, out-of-the-box strategies they need to challenge tough criminal charges. We understand your freedom and future depend on your case. We always strive for the best results possible, and we don’t rest until we achieve them. Discover how one of the nation’s top criminal lawyers can defend you." - Brad Bailey