In The Media

Brad Bailey Speaking About the Whitey Bulger Killing

Details emerge about Yarmouth suspect’s history

Brad Comments on Cutting

Deals to Avoid Registering as Sex Offenders

Brad Bailey on Mass Liv

State Trooper Arrest

Channel 25 covers the 5th Mass.

State Trooper Arested in Overtime Scandal

Brad Comments on Jury Selection

for Aaron Hernandez

Jury selection begins in Aaron Hernandez's

latest murder trial.

Jury Selection underway in Aaron Hernandez's

double myrder trial.

Brad during Murder 1 trial in Los Angeles

with client Christian Gerhartsreiter

a/k/a Clark Rockefeller, in

State of California v. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter.

Brad with client (former Treasurer)

Tim Cahill

Brad during NH Murder trial in

State of NH v. Sheila LaBarre

Brad during Murder 1 arraignment in

Middlesex Superior Court in

Commonwealth v. Clark

Brad at a press conference outside

Federal Court in Boston on

United States v. Karen Tucker

One of Brad's TV interviews

after securing a mistrial in

Commonwealth v. Cahill

Brad commenting on developments

in Aaron Hernandez (Odin Lloyd)

murder trial.

Brad addressing reporters’ questions

outside federal court in Boston

regarding United States v. O’Brien, et al

Brad leaving Federal Court with client.

Brad providing television commentary

regarding the federal death penalty

ruling in United States v. Gary Lee Sampson

More Whitey Bulger trial commentary

and expert analysis

Brad providing live televised legal

analysis regarding cases related

to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Brad providing live on-air analysis

during the arraignment of Aaron Hernandez

in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd

One of Brad’s many television appearances

to provide expert legal commentary

regarding United States v. James (Whitey) Bulger

Brad During Murder Case Defending

Client William J. Camuti