Attorney Brad Bailey Secures Not Guilty Verdicts in Aggravated Rape Case

Nationally-acclaimed Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey has successfully maintained his perfect, undefeated record defending rape-accusations trials in late September 2016 when a Superior Court Jury in Lawrence, Massachusetts returned “not guilty verdicts” for all counts in Commonwealth v. E.P. The ruling is already catching the attention of headlines as Bailey’s reputation for being a hard-hitting sex crimes defense attorney continues to grow around the state and the country.

The defendant had been placed under indictment for three separate counts of alleged “aggravated rape by joint venture.” If he was convicted for just one of the three counts, the sentencing would likely include years in state prison; depending on the circumstances alleged in the case, the penalties could have been escalated to a life behind bars.

With the stakes higher than ever for his client, Attorney Bailey set out to use his former experiences as a state and federal prosecutor with a focus on sex crime defense to his client’s advantage. With his past knowledge and talents combining with his current dedication to criminal defense, especially for sexual assault cases, Brad aggressively challenged the evidence and accusations top to bottom. Both the complaining witness and purported eyewitnesses had their testimonies heavily scrutinized by his cross-examinations and tenacious approach to defense. While they originally claimed the defendant had participated in a “gang-rape” at a house party in Lynn, the stories started to lose validity and reliability as the case progressed.

Utilizing his unmatched familiarity with procedural rules and regulations, Attorney Bailey also used the provisions of the difficult-to-understand state long-arm statute to compel the appearance of a key defense witness who was out of state. After all things were considered and the closing arguments were made, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all counts. In other words, it was a monumental success for Bailey’s client, and his own name as the most powerful rape-case defender in Boston, if not the country.

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