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  • What You Need to Know About Appealing Your Case

    Decisions may not always go your way, but when they don’t and the stage is the judicial system, the consequences can be grim. While losing a criminal defense can be heartbreaking, you may have options. If you disagree with a decision of a lower court, or believe that the final outcome was the result of an error, you may have possible grounds for an appeal , which is a request for a higher court to ...
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  • Successfully Overturns Corruption Charges in the District Court

    Yesterday, the First Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision vacating the convictions of John O'Brien, Elizabeth Tavares, and William Burke, the former heads of Massachusetts' entire Probation Department. I represented Ms. Tavares during her trial in the District Court, and I am proud to see that justice has finally been done for her. O'Brien and Tavares were convicted of violating the ...
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  • Attorney Brad Bailey Secures Not Guilty Verdicts in Aggravated Rape Case

    Nationally-acclaimed Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey has successfully maintained his perfect, undefeated record defending rape-accusations trials in late September 2016 when a Superior Court Jury in Lawrence, Massachusetts returned “not guilty verdicts” for all counts in Commonwealth v. E.P. The ruling is already catching the attention of headlines as Bailey’s reputation for being a ...
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