A Successful Week at Brad Bailey Law

First Success of the Week

This week was a good week for clients at Brad Bailey Law PC. First, by taking time to put together a compelling packet for advance DA scrutiny, which included a comprehensive client biography, several dozen letters of support, and delineated reasons why the extraordinary relief we were seeking was merited, the DA not only agreed to dismiss pending charges that carried the threat of jail time, with no attached conditions, but also agreed to dismiss them before arraignment, therefore preventing any related entry, whatsoever, of the charge on my client’s Board of Probation (“BOP”) record; a critical benefit given my client’s standing in a sensitive service industry that is CORI reliant.

Second Success of the Week

Two days later, I was able to obtain a post-arraignment dismissal pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 276 § 87 of multiple counts alleging assault and battery on police officer(s) for another client, also without conditions, and without this second client even having to “admit to sufficient facts.” This client was likewise in a highly sensitive employment situation which also could easily have been compromised by any record of conviction. As with the above-referenced client, this second client now also has a “clean record” that is without blemish.

Experienced Counsel In & Out of the Courtroom​

What these two terrific, well-deserved, and extraordinary results establish is that sometimes the most effective advocacy/lawyering on a client’s behalf in criminal cases is done outside the courtroom. Not every prosecutor is reasonable; indeed, many are far from it. However, many others are, or can be. Form and substance often do matter. As a former Assistant DA and Assist U.S. Attorney myself, I know forensic skills and courtroom experience aren’t the only means of achieving positive results. Knowing how and when to approach prosecutors and how to properly present them with a pre-polished “packet” requesting unusual relief, all well-before the gavel has sounded, is sometimes equally, if not more, effective.

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