Brad Bailey Helps Retired State Trooper DeJong Avoid Prison

In May 2022, attorney Brad Bailey successfully helped Daren DeJong, a 60-year-old retired Massachusetts State Police Trooper, avoid a prison sentence for his involvement in an overtime abuse case at the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) in 2016. Daren DeJong is the eighth and final defendant to receive a sentence in this case.

Massachusetts State police had referred 46 active and retired troopers who previously served in Troop E, for criminal prosecution due to association with a massive overtime abuse scandal that took place between 2015 and 2017.

Several of those troopers, including DeJong, faced criminal charges in state or federal courts, while others had their position terminated or faced disciplinary actions. All retired troopers retained their pensions despite requests from Colonel Christopher Mason and Governor Charlie Baker to strip specific troopers involved in the overtime abuse scandal.

Accusations Against Retired State Trooper Daren DeJong

The court formally charged DeJong in July 2018 and he pleaded guilty in January 2019 to one count of embezzlement from an agency receiving federal funds.

During his assignment with Troop E, his duties included enforcing criminal law and traffic regulations along the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate I-90. DeJong earned overtime pay for hours that he either did not attend for some or any of the required shift time. Some of the overtime pay happened through the Accident and Injury Reduction Effort program (AIRE) and the “X-Team” initiative. The purpose of those selective enforcement initiatives is to decrease the number of accidents and crashes on I-90.

DeJong also faced fraud accusations due to submitting citations issued outside of the overtime shift or that he allegedly altered or faked to match the overtime shift.

Attorney Bailey Successfully Obtained Lower Penalties for DeJong

Attorney Bailey advocated for DeJong throughout the trial and helped restrict the investigation and prosecution of DeJong’s conduct in 201. The retired trooper expressed genuine guilt and remorse for his conduct, including when he apologized during a court hearing.

Thanks to Brad Bailey’s tireless work, Daren DeJong does not have to serve time in jail. U.S. District Court Senior Judge Mark L. Wolf sentenced him to two years of probation. DeJong must serve the first six months in home confinement.

The retired state trooper must also pay a fine of $5,500 and $14,062 in restitution to the state.

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