Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • Why You Should Not Cut Costs When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    There’s an old marketing trick businesses of all types, models, and sizes like to use called “undercutting”. They will slice down their own prices to match or beat competitors who generally charge more for similar services, all to get more people to come through their door instead. Undercutting is only a trick, though, not a smart business solution; sooner or later, consumers and clients figure ...
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  • Brad Bailey Comments on Leaked Wiretap of Boston Mayor Walsh

    Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh is currently in the midst of a controversial investigation that allegedly ties him to illegitimate dealings with Tony Perrone, a union leader and representative of Laborers Local 22. As if that was not troublesome enough for Walsh and Perrone, wiretap evidence collected in 2012, which apparently includes conversations between the two of them, was recently leaked to the ...
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