Why You Should Not Cut Costs When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

There’s an old marketing trick businesses of all types, models, and sizes like to use called “undercutting”. They will slice down their own prices to match or beat competitors who generally charge more for similar services, all to get more people to come through their door instead. Undercutting is only a trick, though, not a smart business solution; sooner or later, consumers and clients figure out why they were going to the more expensive business in the first place: better service and products.We Fix Haircuts[1](Photographer of images depicted is unknown.)

When undercutting happens in the realm of retail, you might wind up buying a printer that runs out of ink frustratingly fast because you picked up the cheapest one. This is annoying but not a huge deal. When undercutting happens in the world of criminal defense, the results can be disastrous and land someone in jail.

Recognizing the True Value of an Experienced Lawyer

If you are looking just to save money, you will find cheaply-priced criminal defense attorneys around every corner. But you’re taking a pretty huge chance that is, honestly, not worth the risk. Lawyers who undercut others by offering services for pennies on a dollar do so because they need to. They have not accrued the experience or the case results necessary to have a reputation that bears repeating, and a higher price tag. Supply and demand, right?

But good luck finding an inexperienced criminal defense attorney who will tell you that they are new to the legal scene; they’ll find 100 ways to steer the conversation away from their verdict history. Instead, the old principle of caveat emptor rings true and it is up to the client, the buyer, to determine the actual value of a product or service by knowing what is good and what is bad. When looking for a criminal defense attorney, find someone with years of legal experience, plenty of jury trial successes under their belt, insight as a former prosecutor, the skills to catch the media’s attention, and a veritable lineup of happy clients. You will want to find someone like Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey.

Take a quick look at what makes Brad Bailey stand out:

Before you hire a defense lawyer, you have to ask yourself what is more important: your pocketbook or your freedoms and reputation. You should also not forget that if you hire an inexperienced yet cheap attorney who loses your case, you are probably going to be fined thousands to pay the state as part of your conviction’s sentencing. Bolster your chances and have confidence in your defense by retaining the very best attorney you can find.

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