Brad Bailey Comments on Leaked Wiretap of Boston Mayor Walsh

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh is currently in the midst of a controversial investigation that allegedly ties him to illegitimate dealings with Tony Perrone, a union leader and representative of Laborers Local 22. As if that was not troublesome enough for Walsh and Perrone, wiretap evidence collected in 2012, which apparently includes conversations between the two of them, was recently leaked to the public by an unknown source.

Perrone’s attorney, Mr. Robert Sinsheimer, fears the “grossly unethical” leak has already and permanently damaged his client’s reputation; he also suspects it was an intentional information leak conducted by the investigating authorities. Since the beginning of the investigation, he has contended that Perrone has not committed any crimes or actions that would violate his duty as a union representative.

Mayor Walsh has not made any motions to call for an investigation of his own to discover who leaked the wiretap evidence. He has been quoting as saying that conducting a probe is “not his job” and he will keep focusing on his duties to the people as Mayor of Boston.

Attorney Brad Bailey Interviewed

The Boston Herald spoke with Boston Criminal Defense Brad Bailey, who is a former federal prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney, for some insight on this complicated and clandestine problem. (Click here to see the full article.) Brad Bailey noted that the leak was unusual and could prove to be damaging for the ongoing probe into alleged illegitimate union dealings and tactics. He went on to say that the government may be behind the leak to intimidate either Perrone or Walsh but a full investigation into the leak should have been conducted immediately.

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