Attorney Brad Bailey Quoted in Boston Globe

Defending Retired State Trooper Perry Mendes

As reported in the Boston Globe, retired state trooper Perry Mendes has entered a not-guilty plea amidst serious allegations involving the approval of commercial driving licenses by the Massachusetts State Police. But what is at the core of the indictment, and how is Attorney Brad Bailey formulating the defense against these charges?

The Allegations Against Mendes

Perry Mendes stands accused of participation in a scheme with far-reaching implications. Prosecutors have brought forth a 74-count indictment that involves Mendes and three other members of the licensing unit. The accusation propounds that commercial driver's licenses were issued in exchange for gifts rather than earned through the standard state testing procedures.

It is alleged that this scheme allowed over two dozen individuals to acquire commercial licenses without meeting the requisite benchmarks—some without even taking the mandated tests. The gravity of the situation saw the Massachusetts State Registry of Motor Vehicles invalidating licenses allegedly issued illegally.

Waging a Vigorous Defense

Attorney Bailey stated to the Boston Globe that Mendes “expressly denies the allegations against him and emphatically asserts his innocence” and that he plans to wage “a vigorous defense.” Attorney Bailey further attested to Mendes' extensive service record spanning over three decades as a public safety official and how it speaks volumes about his character and commitment.

Mendes faces several charges, including:

  • Conspiracy to commit extortion
  • Conspiracy to falsify records
  • Falsification of records
  • False statements in federal court

He was released after entering a not-guilty plea.

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