How Can a Dookhan Motion Help Me?

Between 2003 and 2011, Annie Dookhan worked as a chemist in the crime lab at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston, MA. After her arrest in 2012, she admitted to lying about her credentials and falsifying tests and results for more than 24,000 evidence samples. This resulted in a large number of wrongful court rulings in drug cases in Massachusetts.

If you were arrested, charged, and convicted during this time frame for a drug crime, you are eligible to file a Dookhan motion to get your case re-evaluated and possibly receive compensation for the harm Dookhan caused.

What Are the Benefits of a Dookhan Motion?

When a criminal defense attorney files a Dookhan motion on a client’s behalf, they file for a dismissal following Dookhan’s jeopardizing evidence. Working with an experienced lawyer can make a significant difference in getting justice. An attorney’s thorough understanding of criminal law and their fierce advocacy to represent your rights are important to clean your name and move on with your life.

If you were convicted between 2003 and 2012 while Dookhan was performing extensive tampering, the evidence presented against you was likely one of the many impacted.

A successful Dookhan motion may lead to:

  • Full dismissal of your case
  • Case sealing
  • Reduction of your sentence
  • Restitution if you wrongfully served time in jail

Rectifying an unjust conviction is important to maintain the integrity of our judicial system and to clear your name for a greater quality of life and increased opportunities.

Brad Bailey Law has a 100% successful rate with the Dookhan motions we have filed. Contact us today at (617) 500-0252 to schedule an appointment for trusted criminal defense in Boston.

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