Brad Bailey and Adamo Lanza Win Federal Obstruction of Justice Case

We are celebrating a major win in a federal obstruction of justice case. After a nearly three-week jury trial, our client was acquitted of obstructing an official proceeding; aiding and abetting; and destroying, altering, and falsifying records in a Federal investigation. Statistically, wins in federal court are hard to come by. We are incredibly proud of our team's effort in this case to obtain a favorable outcome for our client.

Our client, a former Lieutenant, had been a Federal Bureau of Prisons employee for 27 years. While working at Federal Medical Center, Devens, it was alleged that he provided false information about a forced cell move involving a mentally incapacitated inmate. The government also argued that our client failed to timely and accurately report the nature and extent of injuries the inmate sustained during the forced move.

Our client was also accused of obstruction of justice for allegedly concealing and deleting a video recording of the forced move and falsely reporting that the missing video resulted from "battery failure." He denied the accusations against him.

On April 7, 2022, a federal jury in Boston acquitted our client of all counts. He was facing up to 40 years in prison.

Attorney Brad Bailey, Founder and Managing Partner of Brad Bailey Law, served as lead defense counsel and tried the case along with Attorney Adamo Lanza, Senior Associate with Brad Bailey Law.

Bailey praised the verdict and the jury's careful and deliberate review of the evidence presented. He said this "is a good example of justice truly being done by a diligent and conscientious jury. The government was not able to prove its charges against our client, which frankly should never have been issued. With this verdict, our client, who had an unblemished and stellar career in federal corrections at the time of his arrest and indictment, has been thoroughly vindicated and his good name and reputation restored. We could not be happier for him and his family."

Federal obstruction of justice charges are severe and carry steep penalties. Tampering with evidence under 18 USC § 1512 and destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations under 18 USC § 1519 are each punishable by up to 20 years in prison as well as a fine.

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