Blog Posts in January, 2019

  • Understanding Massachusetts Arson Laws

    Because arson is an expensive and high-profile crime, prosecutors are relentless about pursuing these cases. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that an average of 200,000 intentional fires are started each year, and that they may cause up to $1 billion worth in property damage , for both the government and private property owners. Naturally, the government has paid attention to ...
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  • Rapid DNA Machines Spell Trouble for Constitutional Rights

    As the use of Rapid DNA machines continues to spread, some police officers can now get nearly automatic DNA test results , right from the comfort of their own precincts. However, forensic experts are already raising red flags about these “magic” DNA devices – and how they could impact our Constitutional rights to privacy and due process under the law. As a Boston criminal defense lawyer, our ...
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  • How to Deal with False Child Sexual Abuse Accusations

    Very few crimes inspire emotional responses to the same degree as child sexual abuse, due to the horrific nature of this crime. Many instinctively want to believe children who share stories of abuse, partly because it’s human nature to take them at face value. However, this is not how our justice system was designed to work – and when you stand falsely accused of a child sex crime, it’s imperative ...
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  • Can Minors Be Registered Sex Offenders?

    Criminal sexual conduct against a child is taken very seriously in the United States, and for good reason. When adults commit such horrific crimes, it can impact the child’s psyche and wellbeing for the rest of their lives. However, some children are victimized by these very same laws, when overzealous prosecutors mark juveniles as sex offenders. Examples of Juvenile Sex Offenders Across the ...
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