How to Deal with False Child Sexual Abuse Accusations

Very few crimes inspire emotional responses to the same degree as child sexual abuse, due to the horrific nature of this crime. Many instinctively want to believe children who share stories of abuse, partly because it’s human nature to take them at face value. However, this is not how our justice system was designed to work – and when you stand falsely accused of a child sex crime, it’s imperative that you have full and fair representation under the law.

At Brad Bailey Law, our Boston sex crimes defense lawyer has spent years fighting on behalf of the falsely accused, and he has successfully protected many innocent men and women from the whims of public opinion. If you’re dealing with false child sexual abuse allegations, your future, your freedom, and even your sanity could be on the line.

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can deal with false child sexual abuse (CSA) claims, and maintain a level head during this difficult time.

Are False Child Sex Abuse Claims Common?

By its very nature, ongoing sexual abuse is difficult to prove “beyond all reasonable doubt.” Even in clear-cut cases of sexual abuse, there aren’t typically any witnesses to the incidents, nor clear and direct proof of the abuse. That’s even truer in child sexual abuse cases, as children simply do not have fully-formed cognitive abilities. This means they can be easily manipulated or coached, whether by another parent or authority figure.

Because of these complicating factors, it may be impossible to determine just how many CSA claims are false. However, experts believe that up to 10% of child sexual abuse allegations are false, and that a high percentage of these may happen during difficult divorce cases. In spite of this, prosecutors often relentlessly pursue child sexual abuse cases, using the emotionally-charged nature of these crimes as an advantage in the courtroom.

What to Do When You Stand Accused

When you’re facing false CSA accusations, the first thing you need to do is contact a skilled sex crimes defense attorney. Every minute that you proceed without legal representation, you risk saying something inadvertently that could later be used against you. Do not attempt to talk directly with the alleged victim, or offer up any voluntary information to the police who are investigating you.

Most of all, avoid making any public or private statements about your innocence – even when it may be tempting. It’s understandable that you’d want to defend yourself, but you need to keep in mind that child sexual abuse cases are not usually decided based on the cold hard facts. One word spoken in emotion or taken out of context may haunt you later on, and any conversations with friends, family, or acquaintances can be offered up as evidence.

When you work with Attorney Brad Bailey, you can trust that he will listen to your story, no matter what others may be saying about you. Whether the alleged abuse was caused by a misunderstanding or by malicious intent, he can get to the truth of your case, and prevent this false accusation from sending you to jail, or onto a permanent sex offender registry.

Stand up for yourself against false sex abuse claims. Contact Brad Bailey at (617) 500-0252 to schedule a consultation in Boston and surrounding areas.

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