Potential Criminal Penalties for Drugging a Person for Sexual Intercourse

Sex crimes have been prosecuted and penalized with more tenacity than ever before in recent years. This is perhaps no more apparent than in cases involving the alleged drugging of a person for sexual intercourse.

In Massachusetts, you can be charged with a federal crime and a form of rape if you have sexual intercourse with someone who is under the influence of a drug or alcohol. By the legal definition of the crime, it must be proven that you intended to “stupefy” or “overpower” the alleged victim due to the use of a drug and/or alcohol. For many cases, intent comes down to one person’s argument against the other. They may argue you that your actions, behaviors, and statements show you intended to have sexual intercourse with them while they were in a vulnerable state.

If you are convicted of a sex crime involving an unconscious or incoherent victim, the penalties could include:

Perhaps most concerning, a judge can impose a minimum sentence of 10 years for drug-related rape convictions. You could lose a significant portion of your life and freedom due to a single conviction based on one person’s story against yours!

Protect Your Future from an Overzealous Criminal Justice System

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