Blog Posts in October, 2017

  • Will My Child Be Tried in Juvenile Court?

    Experienced Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boston The fact that a child is under 18 years old does not necessarily eliminate the possibility that they could be tried in court as an adult. In fact, whether they are tried as an adult or in juvenile court depends largely on the severity of the crime they are alleged to have committed. Massachusets Laws In the state of Massachusetts, there is a ...
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  • 4 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

    Before you hire someone, you want to make sure they have the skills, knowledge, and drive to help you reach your goals. The same goes with a criminal defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced, competent criminal defense attorney. The legal process can be complicated and long, so it is crucial that you work with a lawyer who can ...
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  • Can the Police Take My Blood Without a Warrant?

    According to a ruling by the Supreme Court, law enforcement officers may not draw blood without consent or a warrant. However, implied consent laws have since made these laws a bit trickier to navigate. Drivers who are pulled over under suspicion of DUI are subject to implied consent laws, which will result in the legal requirement to provide a blood sample. The Fourth Amendment requires a warrant ...
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  • Protecting Your Rights During a White-Collar Investigation

    White-collar crimes, becoming increasingly more widespread, are financially motivated, nonviolent crimes committed most commonly by business people and government professionals. Protecting your rights during a white-collar investigation starts with enlisting in the help of a Boston criminal defense lawyer you can trust, such as ours at Brad Bailey Law. Once you are backed by legal counsel, care, ...
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  • What Does the Law Say About Sexting?

    Criminal Defense Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts Since most states do not have laws that specifically, uniquely refer to sexting as a crime, sexting charges can be brought under that state’s child pornography and obscenity statutes. In any case, charges of sexting could result in conviction of a sex crime involving a child, which carries serious consequences for all parties involved. If you or ...
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