4 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Before you hire someone, you want to make sure they have the skills, knowledge, and drive to help you reach your goals. The same goes with a criminal defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced, competent criminal defense attorney. The legal process can be complicated and long, so it is crucial that you work with a lawyer who can help you and work with you to reach your goals.

Ask your criminal defense attorney these questions to ensure you’ve found a good fit:

1. What is your experience with cases like mine?

It is of the utmost importance that you work with an attorney who is comfortable working on cases like yours. There are many different areas of law and many different areas in criminal defense, and it is crucial that your lawyer has had experience advocating for people in your shoes before. At Brad Bailey Law, our founding attorney, Brad Bailey, has handled thousands of state criminal cases and more than 200 federal cases. When you chose our firm, you can rest easy knowing our legal team has everything in hand.

2. How much of your practice is devoted to criminal defense?

Some firms are full-service, meaning the handle a wide variety of legal issues. While this can be convenient, it isn’t always best. Having an attorney who specializes in criminal defense cases can give you an added advantage because a criminal defense lawyer will have more practice in those types of cases. A criminal defense attorney is also far more likely to have more investigative resources, which can benefit your case, and he or she probably knows more about criminal laws in your state. At Brad Bailey Law, we devote our entire practice to criminal law, so you know you are receiving the specialized attention of devoted criminal lawyers.

3. Do you have much experience with jury trials?

If your case goes to trial, you want to know that your attorney knows what to do. Trial cases can be daunting and require a significant amount of effort, and with your future on the line, you want to make sure your lawyer is up to the task. At our firm, our attorneys have handled more than 100 superior court and federal trials and boast a highly successful track record.

4. How would you handle my case?

When you have an attorney representing you, it is important that you agree with his or her legal process and that you both understand the end goal. A good lawyer will keep you informed of legal proceedings and other important information, so it is best to start off with this open communication from the get-go. Find out what your lawyer has planned for your case, what his or her first moves would be, and so on.

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