Preparing for First Court Appearance

Going to court for the first time can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Judges can be intimidating, and the entire process is confusing if you are unfamiliar with how things usually go. Your chances of obtaining the best outcome increase exponentially when you are prepared for what’s ahead. In order to be on the judge’s good side, you will need to ensure you follow all official and unofficial rules of court so as to be deemed a respectable and law-abiding citizen. Your first impression is key--and if this is your first brush with the law, our Boston criminal defense lawyers at Brad Bailey law will help you prepare as best as possible.

The following tips are essential in preparing for your first court appearance:

  • Dress professionally – Appropriately dressing for court is the most important thing you can do in order to create a great first impression. Both men and women should dress as if they are going to a very serious interview. There is no such thing as being too buttoned up, too conservative, or too professional. Men should wear a suit and tie, while women should wear a pantsuit or a long skirt, as well as low, close-toed heels. Cover up all tattoos and piercings to appear groomed.  
  • Don’t be late – Nothing is quite as disrespectful to a judge as showing up to your appearance late. The judge will consider this a major act of contempt, as you can push back the entire court’s schedule and waste everyone’s time. Punctuality is a great reflection upon your character, so make sure you aren’t even on time--be early!
  • Be polite – Even if you are angry with the situation and feel the judge isn’t being fair to you, there is no faster way to seal your fate by being rude. You should never speak out of turn or display any kind of attitude. Don’t only be polite to the judge, be polite to every single staff member of the entire courtroom, starting with the security you meet at the door. Also, remember to keep your phone off the entire time.
  • Don’t speak out – If the judge ever addresses you, refer to him or her as “Your Honor.” However, you will likely never need to speak up, as your lawyer will do most of the talking. Even if you feel the prosecution is completely assassinating your character, it is not your place to object or speak out of turn.

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Your first court appearance is a nerve-wracking experience, and the ultimate form of preparation is to be represented by one of our skilled Boston criminal defense attorneys of Brad Bailey Law. Our legal team will walk you through this incredibly difficult process with ease. We are committed to helping you obtain the results you want, and we won’t back down from a challenge--no matter the complexities of your case. With us on your side, you will walk into the courtroom with confidence and poise.

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