Blog Posts in December, 2016

  • Successfully Overturns Corruption Charges in the District Court

    Yesterday, the First Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision vacating the convictions of John O'Brien, Elizabeth Tavares, and William Burke, the former heads of Massachusetts' entire Probation Department. I represented Ms. Tavares during her trial in the District Court, and I am proud to see that justice has finally been done for her. O'Brien and Tavares were convicted of violating the ...
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  • Two Babson College Students Reprieved for Trump Victory Celebration

    With the help of Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey Law, two Babson College students accused of shouting racial and homophobic slurs, as well as spitting on a passerby, as part of a Donald Trump victory celebration have been exonerated. The decision to grant the men reprieve came after both were summoned to Babson College’s honor board for a lengthy, behind-closed-doors hearing on Friday. It was ...
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  • Sentencing Guidelines in Federal Court

    The sentencing process in federal court is confusing, convoluted, and can, at times, produce truly unjust results. This is due in part to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. The original intent behind the Guidelines was to help achieve more uniform sentencing across the country. Even though the Guidelines are no longer mandatory and have since been deemed advisory by the Supreme Court (meaning a judge ...
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  • Attorney Brad Bailey Featured on Fox25 Three Times for Two Cases

    Fox25 – a Fox News affiliate headquartered in the greater Boston metropolitan area – frequently relies on Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey law for legal insight and expertise regarding breaking criminal cases. The news group has once again consulted with Brad Bailey for two high-profile, newsworthy cases: the Aaron Hernandez double-murder case and the David Njuguna vehicular manslaughter case. ...
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