Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • Major League Mistrial: Should Government Misconduct Mean Clemens-cy for Roger?

    Yesterday, the airwaves were awash in commentary on a federal judge’s decision to declare a mistrial in United States v. William R. Clemens a/k/a Roger Clemens , No. 10-cr-00223, involving the pitching legend’s alleged perjury before a U.S. congressional Committee in February 2008. On one sports talk call-in show, a caller purporting to be a criminal defense attorney explained that the case had to ...
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  • Casey Anthony’s Verdict: Reasonable Doubt Rules No Matter How Distasteful One May Find the Outcome

    Despite a multiplicity of opinions to the contrary and informal polling suggesting that “two thirds of those polled believe Casey Anthony to be guilty of murder”, about the only things established by the outcome in State of Florida v. Casey Marie Anthony , (No. 48-2008-CF-0015606-O) are that jury trials really are marathons, not sprints and that no matter the accusation, the accused need not prove ...
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  • Whitey Bulger’s Criminal Defense on the Taxpayers’ Dime – My Two Cents

    During the past week as both a TV commentator and a practicing criminal defense attorney, I have been asked what right James "Whitey" Bulger has to obtain a tax-payer funded attorney to represent him in the case now titled United States v. James J. Bulger , No. 99-cr-10371. Indeed, a number of folks I have spoken with, or heard from via their own public commentary, seem outraged by the ...
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