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  • Do the Police Have to Identify Themselves When You Ask?

    At one point or another, most of us have heard someone say, “If you ask a cop if they’re a cop, they have to tell you.” Usually, this “life hack” gets passed around at a party, or discussed after a friend has a run-in with the law. But is there any truth to it? Are police officers really like vampires — in some folklore — that can’t lie about their identities? No, unfortunately not. In many ...
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  • The Stages of a Typical Criminal Case

    There are no two criminal defense cases that will be exactly the same due to all the evidence and circumstances involved. However, most criminal cases will develop along the same line of progression. Gaining an understanding of these stages can potentially give you an advantage in a criminal defense case of your own, as you will at least know what to expect next and how to react. An average ...
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  • Sentencing Guidelines in Federal Court

    The sentencing process in federal court is confusing, convoluted, and can, at times, produce truly unjust results. This is due in part to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. The original intent behind the Guidelines was to help achieve more uniform sentencing across the country. Even though the Guidelines are no longer mandatory and have since been deemed advisory by the Supreme Court (meaning a judge ...
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  • You Need a Real Lawyer for Real Problems

    According to several studies, including one discussed by the New York Post , millennials are much more likely than any other age group to lie to get ahead or get out of a difficult situation. While this questionable morality is a problem in general, it has become a serious issue in the world of criminal defense and litigation, where some new attorneys have started to falsify their credentials, ...
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