COVID-19 Leads to 70% Decrease in Court Activity in MA

In Massachusetts, jury criminal and civil trials are postponed until at least September 8, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only cases that can be handled virtually or in-person emergency cases continue to operate. 

Ever since the courts have been closed since March, there has been a significant decline in court activity in April, based on the latest figures from the state trial court. While approximately 6,000 employees are currently working in over 100 courthouses throughout the state, they remain off-limits to the public. 

The trial court reported that there was 70-percent drop in district court criminal cases in April 2020 compared to last April – from over 13,000 cases to nearly 4,000. Regarding superior court criminal cases, there has been a 45-percent decrease – from nearly 600 cases to over 330 cases. 

The main reason there is a lack of courtroom activity is due to the closures of many businesses. In addition, law enforcement officials are only issuing summons for less serious crimes, enabling people to appear in court when it opens. 

However, COVID-19 has also directly affected the courts. As of May 28, 48 employees have tested positive for the coronavirus and there have been 57 temporary closures. 

Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Ralph Gants said the courts will only reopen to the public once statewide-approved safety protocols are in place. 

Whether you have been recently charged with a crime or your case is currently in limbo due to court closures, it is important to still have an experienced criminal defense attorney determine your available legal options to ensure you avoid serious criminal charges. At Brad Bailey Law, we provide experienced and trial-tested legal representation to individuals facing federal, white collar, or any other serious crime in Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.

Even though jury trials have been suspended, law enforcement continues to conduct active filed investigations. If you are asked by state or federal investigators to tale to them about our suspected involvement in a criminal case; don’t! Instead, call our experienced firm immediately!

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