5 Common Holiday Crimes in Boston

Now that it’s November, the holidays are right around the corner, starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Day. While this time of year typically consists of festive gatherings with loved ones, exchanging gifts, and even travel, it also a time when crime rates significantly increase.

The following are the five most common crimes that occur during the holiday season in Boston:

  1. DUI – Since alcohol is often involved in holiday celebrations, there is a rise in drunk driving accidents and arrests. That is why the police will have more officers patrol the streets and set up DUI checkpoints to deter drunk driving and keep the roads safe. If you plan on drinking during the holidays, avoid driving at all costs and rely on other alternatives—such as a designated driver or rideshare companies—to get you home.
  2. Domestic violence – Alcohol consumption can also lead to domestic violence because the holidays can also be stressful. A holiday argument could escalate into a physical altercation that requires police intervention. If you are struggling to cope with holiday stress, seek professional help to avoid turning your frustrations into a bigger issue.
  3. Sexual assault – Holiday parties that involve alcohol can also lead to rape and sexual assault incidents. Women who become heavily intoxicated become at greater risk of being a victim of a sex crime. When attending a holiday party, remember to watch how much you drink and keep an eye on your beverages to avoid being “drugged” or “roofied.”
  4. Theft – Malls and stores are always crowded and busy during the holidays, which why shoplifters will try to take advantage of the shopping chaos and distracted retail workers to steal merchandise. Although many people now do their shopping online, “porch pirates” will drive through neighborhoods and steal recently delivered packages sitting on the front steps of homes. If you don’t have financial resources to purchase gifts for your loved ones, simply being there to provide holiday cheer can be the greatest gift of all.
  5. Burglary – When homeowners and their families go on vacation or take a road trip, they leave their homes unattended for a long period of time. Unfortunately, empty homes easily attract burglars. If you plan on leaving the city, make sure you install security cameras to monitor your home while you’re away or ask your neighbors to keep an eye out while you’re gone.

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