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    Soliciting/engaging-in prostitution and human trafficking are separate crimes. The former involves seeking/paying or giving/providing sex for a fee. Under federal criminal statutes, the latter involves slavery, indenture/servitude, peonage (slave wages), coercion, intimidation, and other elements of forced labor. Under state law in Massachusetts, human trafficking requires proof of “subjecting”, ...
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  • FBI Cracks Down on College Bribery Scheme

    On March 12, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that 50 individuals have been charged with various crimes related to an alleged fraud scheme—known as “Operation Varsity Blues”—to cheat on entrance exams and bribe college officials to admit students whose parents are wealthy actresses, CEOs, and business executives. In all, 33 parents collectively paid $25 million to William Singer, who ...
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  • Defending Against Mail and Wire Fraud

    The penalties for federal mail and wire fraud are strict. If convicted, you face up to a maximum of 20 years in a federal correctional facility (up to 30 yrs., if you are convicted of bank fraud); your specific sentence will largely depend on the proven dollar or value amount(s) of actual, or intended, fraud losses. Full victim restitution is mandatory, and fraud penalties also include forfeiture ...
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  • Marital Rape Accusations Explained & Defenses

    The very nature of a sexual assault or rape accusation implies there was no consent between the accused and the accuser. With this in mind, a marital rape accusation creates a cloudy, gray area where it can be difficult to find the truth. Allowing someone to be convicted of a serious sex crime in a situation with inherent uncertainties is unthinkable and an affront to the criminal justice system. ...
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  • Is the Girl Scout Cookie Hero is a Drug Smuggler?

    On February 27 th , 2019, you might have seen a heartwarming news story about a Good Samaritan who bought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies so the Scouts could get out of the cold weather. The story came from Greenville, South Carolina, where the temperature was near freezing when the man cleared out the stock of a Girl Scout troop posted outside a store. Now, in a strange turn of news events, the ...
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