Blog Posts in September, 2018

  • Insider Trading Ring Draws New Guilty Pleas

    Last year, the business world was rocked by the news that more than seven individuals stole over 5 million dollars in illicit funds, by means of an insider trading ring that spanned across the country. The alleged trading ring, run by a former Bank of America employee named Daniel Rivas, first came to national attention in August 2017, when the Justice Department and Securities Exchange Commission ...
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  • Thousands of Flawed Breathalyzers Caused False OUI Convictions

    When former chemist Annie Dookhan was convicted of tampering more than 20,000 lab samples in her time at Hinton State Laboratory, it shook the state of Massachusetts. Because of one individual’s contempt for the law, thousands of defendants’ lives were ruined by unjustified drug convictions. Thankfully, the use of Dookhan motions allowed justice to prevail in some cases, and our Boston drug crimes ...
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