Blog Posts in October, 2018

  • How Is the Confrontation Clause Applied Today?

    The American legal system was built on the principle that everyone deserves an impartial, public, and “speedy” trial when they stand accused of a crime. As part of that principle, the 6 th Amendment of the Constitution includes a section called the “Confrontation Clause.” Stating that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right… to be confronted with the witnesses against ...
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  • Attorney Brad Bailey Named 2018 New England & Massachusetts Super Lawyers® Member

    Attorney Brad Bailey of Brad Bailey Law in Boston is a legal leader when it comes to federal , white collar , sex crimes , and other serious criminal defense cases . Throughout his career, he has been a fearless advocate for the criminally accused that backs up his words with impressive skills and knowledge. He is known throughout Massachusetts for his unapologetic, straightforward, and ...
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  • How to Defend Yourself Against Title IX Accusations

    Being accused of a crime is always terrifying, especially if you believe you are innocent. But when you’re a college student facing a Title IX disciplinary investigation that could permanently affect the rest of your future – and may have already hobbled your access to education and other resources – “terrifying” doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. Although sex crimes can and do happen on ...
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