Blog Posts in May, 2017

  • Can the Police Search My Home Without a Warrant?

    We’ve all seen those crime shows where the police storm into a home and start making aggressive arrests, or when outraged residents declare that the officers may not enter without a warrant, sufficiently turning police away. Are either scenarios lawful? What aspects of these exemplary scenes are accurate, if any, and what does the law have to say about searching a person’s home? According to the ...
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  • What's the Difference Between Assault & Battery?

    You may often hear the terms assault and battery used together, but they are, in fact, separate charges. Assault is generally defined as the threat of violence, while battery is the act of violence itself. If you are facing either assault or battery charges, or both, one of the best things you can do to help your case is to understand what you’re up against. That’s why we, at Brad Bailey Law, have ...
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  • The Cost of Sex Crimes

    Facing conviction for a sex crime is beyond serious. You may face prison sentences ranging from ten years to life in prison. Once you’re free, you’ll continue to face consequences such as registration as a sex offender, restrictions on where you can live, work, worship, or even visit, and the stigma of being convicted. When it comes to sex crimes, the punishments are often grossly disproportionate ...
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