FOX25 EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Hernandez’s defense wants jury probe

FALL RIVER, Mass. ( — Less than two months after Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison, his lawyers have come up with a new reason why they believe his conviction should be overturned, and it involves one of the jurors that sat on his case.

FOX25 has confirmed Hernandez’s lawyers recently submitted four new filings at the Bristol County Superior Courthouse in Fall River, including one titled “Defense Motion for post verdict inquiry respecting a juror’s exposure to extraneous matters.”

We haven’t been able to determine the exact nature of the allegations because Hernandez’s lawyers asked for the documents to be sealed and unavailable to the public

According to FOX25 News legal analyst Brad Bailey, the filing indicates the defense believes a juror was exposed to outside information during the trial that may have influenced the panel when it deliberated in mid-April.

“These are experienced lawyers, they know the rules, they know the hurdles they have to reach. Clearly there is something there or they wouldn’t be doing it.” Bailey said in an interview Monday evening with FOX 25’s Ted Daniel.

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