Safe Package Delivery Tips for the Holiday Season Courtesy of The Boston Police Department

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it, many presents and the possibility of theft. Online shopping is extremely popular, and thus, packages are constantly delivered to our doorsteps, especially during the time most people are at work. If the package is left unattended, it could mean a quick and easy theft or worse. It signals to potential burglars that no one is home and if it is there for a day or two that could mean you are out of town. It could also give potential thieves a good idea of your schedule and the best time to break-in.

For a consumer to protect herself or himself this holiday season, there are ways to prevent theft of packages and robbery. The first is to consider having the package sent to an occupied house; in other words, the person should have it sent to the home of a friend or relative they know will be home. The key to this preventative measure is to make sure the friend or relative will definitely be home. If this is not an option, the package delivery service may be able to hold the package at one of its delivery centers. In some cases, the center will hold the package up to five days, but the person must take the initiative to research this option.

Many people leave delivery persons special instructions in the form of a note. For example, packages can be delivered to the back or side of a house, thus it is out of view from the street or road. A good rule of thumb is to ask the delivery person in the note to remove the note and put it with the package.

Another idea is to have a package that requires a signature. The delivery person must have someone sign for the package; he or she can't just leave it on the doorstep. This ensures that the person receives the package. If the delivery person is flexible and willing, a note could be put on the door that requests her or him to go to the next door neighbor for a signature-that is if the neighbor knows ahead of time.

Other ideas are to choose the tracking option and track the package online, have items shipped to the closest store for pick-up, and/or have packages delivered to the person's work, if possible.

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