Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • Body Cams – Should they be standard issue or a privacy issue?

    The number of fatal police encounters, which continue to garner national media attention, appear to only be increasing since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. A state Grand jury, as well as a separate Department of Justice investigation, concluded Brown's killing was justified and that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson did not use excessive force. A number of groups continue to ...
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  • With Deflategate Passed to Federal Court, Who Gets Flagged?

    Last week, I was contacted by two local television stations and asked to provide on-air analysis regarding recent developments in the Tom Brady-Deflategate legal proceedings. My first thoughts were, "W hy are you asking me? I'm a Criminal Defense Attorney, not a Labor Lawyer?" My second thoughts were, "W ait a second, why not? I did, after-all get a solid B without any heavy-lifting in the one ...
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  • A Sentencing Shift?: Moving Away From Mandatory Minimums

    Mandatory minimum prison sentences are again making headlines; from President Obama publicizing his related action-agenda earlier this month to actual reforms in the criminal justice system, to HBO comedian John Oliver punning about the injustice of mandatory minimums on his Sunday night show, "Last Week Tonight." A mandatory minimum is a required threshold (i.e., "at least this much") sentence ...
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