Bulger faces legal woes

(NECN)—James “Whitey” Bulger has been indicted in 19 murders and a number of other cases, and finally captured after 16 years on the run from the FBI. But what happens after the notorious gangster returns to Massachusetts?

According to former Massachusetts state and federal prosecutor Brad Bailey, Bulger’s road ahead is bleak.

“The potential that he is facing is up to life, and it is very realistic that he could be sentenced to a life in prison,” said Bailey.

Once Bulger is brought to Massachusetts, he will appear before a magistrate judge to be informed of the charges against him and maximum penalties he faces. A 3-day date will then be set for actual detention. Bailey says the mobster will likely be detained at the Wyatt Correctional Center in Rhode Island, but could also possibly be sent to the Plymouth House of Correction in the Essex County Jail.

The legal practice that represents Bulger is sure to be consumed by the case, but Bailey says that is not likely to turn defense attorneys away.

“It’s a high profile case, and it’s a case that any defense attorney would love to take on and love to be a part of,” said Bailey.