Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • Not CSI-Fi: In the wake of Annie Dookhan revelations CSI stands for Chemist’s State Investigation

    Over the last few years, I’ve been pretty open about my disdain for television’s endless "CSI" series, which continue to propagate and regenerate like insect larvae. Fully funded and level-staffed city crime labs? Spotless state-of-the-art and futuristic equipment? Gleaming crime labs and dazzling cover-girl quality technicians? And of course, chemists, techs and scientists who inexplicably ...
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  • Boston Herald: Tim Cahill’s Lawyers Fight to Toss Case Over Lottery Ads

    Former state Treasurer Tim Cahill’s lawyers argued yesterday the criminal charges that he used $1.8 million in state funds to make thinly veiled campaign ads should be dropped, telling a Suffolk Superior Court judge that Cahill just did what all pols do - all the way up to the president of the United States. But prosecutors countered that Cahill went well beyond normal political opportunism, ...
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  • I’m Not Lying – Taking a Police Polygraph is About as Useful as a Screen Door on a Submarine

    Okay, so I admit I’ve never been a big fan of lie detectors (polygraphs). Maybe it’s because more than 25 years ago as a young felony prosecutor I was able to easily, and effectively, eviscerate a defense polygraph expert to such a degree that his testimony was virtually unusable in a long-forgotten state kidnapping case. Or maybe it’s because as an experienced criminal defense attorney who does ...
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  • How Un-Enticing Allegations Can Be Defended: Child Enticement Cases

    Federal charges were recently filed in United States District Court in Boston against a Northbridge, MA attorney. The federal charges include allegations of possession and/or dissemination of child pornography, as well as enticement of a child. As an experienced criminal defense attorney who’s handled many sex crime s cases on both the state and federal level involving the same or similar charges, ...
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