Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • A Tale of Two Judges: Sentencing Issues in the Michael Jackson and Joseph Lally Cases

    In two courtrooms on separate coasts, judges are being asked to consider stepping in on decisions that are often left for the Legislature (via statute) or corrections officials to decide: the actual venue where punishment will be served. In a blistering statement yesterday in a Los Angeles courtroom, Superior Judge Michael Pastor sentenced Michael Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray to ...
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  • Sandusky May Be a Former Penn State Nittany Lion, but Roaring to the Media May Be a Thorn in His Paw

    I can’t say I blame Jerry Sandusky’s attorney for agreeing to appear before a national television audience to field questions from NBC’s Bob Costas about his client. I mean, free publicity is free publicity, and for those of us in the criminal defense business free publicity means free advertising. Still, I was as shocked as anyone when Sandusky’s attorney volunteered to Costas during the ...
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  • No Bones About It – It Just Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

    The Supreme Court ( SCOTUS ) recently heard oral argument on two companion cases from Florida involving the use of drug-sniffing dogs. The first case, Florida v. Jardines , considers whether a drug dog’s sniffing outside of a private home constitutes a "search" for Fourth Amendment purposes, thus requiring the police establish probable cause before they "unleash" Fido’s (or in this case, ...
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  • Boston Globe: Opening arguments are made in Tim Cahill trial

    Former state treasurer Timothy P. Cahill awaited the start of his trial on public corruption charges Monday in Suffolk Superior Court. Prosecutors asserted Monday that Timothy P. Cahill "reached into the pocket" of the lottery to run an advertising campaign meant to boost his flagging candidacy for governor, as the public corruption ­trial of the former state treasurer began. Jim O’Brien, chief of ...
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