Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Boston Herald: RICO charges in probation scandal spur debate

    By Laurel J. Sweet Monday, March 26, 2012 U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s brandishing of RICO - a powerful federal weapon used to crush mobsters and violent motorcycle gangs - to prosecute former state officials in the Probation Department for kowtowing to legislators’ patronage demands has triggered a debate that some predict could be headed for the U.S. Supreme Court, over whether traditional ...
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  • The Appeal of/for Mandatory Minimums Repeal

    A coalition of nearly sixty organizations is holding a ?Smart on Crime? rally today at the State House in Boston in support of, among other legislation being considered, Governor Deval Patrick’s stance on mandatory minimum sentencing reform, i.e. repeal, in drug offense cases. I won’t admit I was completely wrong to support mandatory minimum drug sentences when I was first a state prosecutor, then ...
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  • Amy Bishop Trial: Defense Seeks Delay Because State Won’t Pay

    So the State of Alabama wants to kill Amy Bishop, but doesn’t want to pay for further psychiatric testing on the issue of criminal responsibility? Okay, maybe I’m being a little crass here and resorting to hyperbole, but it seems to me there is both disconnection and denial in the position the State of Alabama is taking in connection with Ms. Bishop’s triple homicide case. My related thoughts are ...
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