Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • Sandusky’s Silence May Roar Louder than any Nittany Lion

    Should the jury currently deliberating the fate of former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky return what many court-watchers predict will be multiple guilty verdicts, some of the post-trial analysis will likely focus on Sandusky?s decision not to testify in his own defense. In a case that, on its face, seems chock-full of strategic head-scratchers by his defense team, his ...
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  • Teens Not Getting the Message about Texting while Driving

    While countless PSAs, driver education courses, and parental admonitions apparently haven't been enough to send a message to teen drivers about the dangers of texting and driving, last week's conviction and sentencing of 18 year old Aaron Deveau in Haverhill District Court ought to serve as a warning to everyone that the State Police and DA's Offices are serious about cracking down on a new law ...
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