Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • A Dark Night Falls Over Aurora, Colorado

    Despite having been involved with a number of high-profile murder-insanity defenses, I’m going to hold off on sharing my related thoughts and opinions in connection with the Aurora, Colorado movie-theater atrocity in which 12 persons were killed and 58 wounded allegedly by lone gunman James Holmes, out of respect for the victims and in deference to the raw emotions of family members so obviously ...
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  • Lessons Learned from Penn State Scandal: If You See Something, Say Something – MA Mandated Reporting

    Now that former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s comprehensive report regarding who knew what and when at Penn State University about suspected child sexual abuse by convicted child-molester Jerry Sandusky has issued, it will be up to Pennsylvania authorities to determine if further criminal charges should issue against former President Graham Spanier, former Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic ...
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  • It’s not Rocket Science, It’s the Law: this 4th of July, Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

    There’s always much discussion this time of year, each and every year, whether or not the Legislature should once and for all repeal M.G.L. Chapter 148 § 39 (the Massachusetts Fireworks Law). Fire and Public Safety Officials continue to urge enforcement, citing safety, awareness, and regulatory concerns. Consumers, Libertarians, and now even some politicians ( See Bill H.3372 ), offer an opposing ...
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