I Can Always Use the Business, But if the Pats Win, Please Try to Get Along!

I’m not sure which is a sadder commentary on the current state of affairs: that the Boston Police Department had to issue a public warning to the local citizenry to behave in the event of a New England Patriots Super Bowl win on Sunday (or even, God forbid, a loss), or that the City of Boston has already declared the public area around North Station and Kenmore Square to be off limits to post-game congregants. I mean, what are we here, Vancouver?
Still, while I’ll be as ecstatic as anybody if Tom Brady has an MVP performance on Sunday, or multiple Rob Gronkowski end-zone spikes (should he be able to perform at his normal level), or Aaron Hernandez big yardage gains after receptions, or Vince Willfork run-stuffs and a sack, or a Devon McCourty interception or two, each or all carries the Pats to victory, it is important to understand the BPD does mean business here and will be out in force after The Game in suspected problem areas, loaded for bear.
There will be no Pats-win immunity. There will be no mitigation with a Pats loss. What there will be is zero tolerance for the type of offenses that are sadly becoming synonymous with public reaction to major sporting event results elsewhere in this country and abroad: malicious destruction of property, assault and battery, inciting a riot, drunk and disorderly, disorderly person, minor in possession, and in extreme cases assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, arson, and even rape. While the latter three offenses are luckily not as yet a staple of post-event rampages, the former predictably are. And all are crimes that will result in a permanent record of at least an arrest, even if the charge itself is ultimately dismissed and at worst a permanent conviction that cannot be expunged.
Some, depending on both the degree and extent of injury/harm , may well result in jail-time, too, and with the round-em-up mentality of riot-control, malfeasers can also count on the likelihood of being held over-night, if not to sleep-off extreme intoxication from a protective custody standpoint more probably because to be frank, the BPD won’t have the time or resources to process everyone before morning, anyways. So, while this may well present multiple business opportunities for experienced criminal defense attorneys like me, whether in Juvenile court, Clerk Magistrate Sessions, Municipal, District and even, in some instances, Superior Court, frankly, it’s not how I want to gain business.
Don’t get me wrong, if you call me, I’ll try to help you. But as a true sports fan and life-long Boston’s teams rooter, I understand the impact bad behavior can have on our teams, our cities and even on our images of ourselves, not to mention the image outsiders will have of us. Simply put, the Patriots are a class-act organization and the City of Boston is a class-act city. Let’s show everyone, win or lose (And here’s to hoping hard for a win!) that, to paraphrase former NFL coach Dennis Green "we are what we think we are": Good Sports in the truest sense, regardless of outcome, and fans and citizens to whom the rest of the sporting world can and should always look up to after time has expired and all the confetti has dropped. Okay?
With that said, GO PATS!!!

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