Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Law Enforcement’s Personal Foursquare? – 6th Cir Rules Warrantless GPS Tracking of Cell Phones Legal

    Earlier this year I wrote about the 4 th Amendment/privacy/suppression issues being decided by the Supreme Court in United States v. Jones . As I, and other criminal defense lawyers had hoped, SCOTUS ultimately ruled in that case that the police’s surreptitious installation of a GPS tracking device on Jones’ vehicle without a warrant was unconstitutional and that any evidence obtained as a result ...
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  • Olympic Gold Mine for Criminals?

    Despite the addition of 9,500 officers to London’s police force and nearly double that amount of soldiers being deployed in and around the Olympic venues for security purposes, the 2012 Olympic Games are expected to attract not just 320,000 visitors, but a horde of criminals as well. The crimes range from simple pick-pocketing by Dippers, as they’re called in Cockney slang, to ticket fraud and ...
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