Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • Brady v. Maryland: When a Bunch of Violations Is One Too Many

    Is it just me or are we seeing more and more ethical violations by prosecutors these days? Sure seems like it. Despite the clear and unequivocal language of Brady v. Maryland, SCOTUS’ nearly fifty-year old seminal decision recognizing a defendant’s fundamental right to any favorable information that might prove his innocence and a prosecutor’s duty to disclose it, some prosecutors continue to ...
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  • Trayvon Martin’s killing – a politically charged tragedy, but still a question of self-defense

    I haven’t weighed in on the Trayvon Martin "matter" (It isn’t officially a "case" because George Zimmerman has neither been charged nor sued, yet.) because I don’t know enough about the underlying facts. Oh sure, I’ve read some blogs and heard the various opinions, most of which have been tainted by political perspective. I am aware that to some, the Martin matter is another example of racial ...
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