Blog Posts in March, 2011

  • Cooperation Shouldn’t Mean the Government Gets a Free Pass

    Several weeks ago, in United States v. DiMasi, et al., No. 09-cr-10166-MLW, a co-defendant agreed to cooperate with the government and provide testimony in exchange for a more lenient sentence less than six weeks before the scheduled start of trial. In a novel, and innovative challenge, Mr. DiMasi’s trial attorney immediately attempted to preclude the cooperator’s anticipated testimony. While ...
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  • It’s Crazy not to Have a Forensic Expert in An Insanity Case

    It’s always easy to Monday-Morning quarterback, especially when not privy to all the background in any given case, but now that a guilty verdict in State of New Hampshire vs. Christopher Gribble, No. 10-S-0230-0235, has been returned one cannot help but wonder what the defendant gained from taking the witness stand during trial and subjecting himself to a skillful cross examination that revealed ...
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