Blog Posts in December, 2011

  • Clerk Magistrate Makes Right Call on NHL Analyst Mike Milbury

    There is little doubt that the Clerk Magistrate Hearing last week which resulted in the declination of charges against former Boston Bruins player, coach, and current NHL television analyst Mike Milbury restored some much-needed sanity and common-sense logic to the occasionally way-out-of-proportion parameters of youth sports. How do I know this? I was not only once (okay, four times over) a ...
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  • Is Barry Bonds Really “Safe at Home?”

    There’s been a good deal of criticism about the sentence imposed on former Giants Slugger Barry Bonds in a federal courtroom in San Francisco last Friday, but I think US District Judge Susan Illston got it right. The prosecution was seeking a federal guidelines sentence of 15 months in prison, but Judge Illston went along with US Probation’s recommendation of no jail and instead imposed 30 days ...
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  • PA v. Jerry Sandusky: Why Waive a Preliminary Hearing?

    Yesterday a reporter asked me about the decision by Jerry Sandusky’s attorney to waive his right to a preliminary hearing in which he would have had an early opportunity to face his accusers (perhaps as many as 11) in court. Frankly, I found the attorney’s decision to be another "head-scratcher" in what is becoming a pattern of unconventional decisions by the defense in this case. Yes, I am leery ...
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