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  • The Cost of Sex Crimes

    Facing conviction for a sex crime is beyond serious. You may face prison sentences ranging from ten years to life in prison. Once you’re free, you’ll continue to face consequences such as registration as a sex offender, restrictions on where you can live, work, worship, or even visit, and the stigma of being convicted. When it comes to sex crimes, the punishments are often grossly disproportionate ...
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  • Why Prosecutors Find It Difficult to Prosecute Date Rape Cases

    Being accused of committing a date rape offense can have devastating consequences to an individual’s liberty, reputation, education, and employment opportunities. These crimes are always highly publicized, making the defendant appear guilty before ever stepping foot in the courtroom. However, prosecutors are reluctant to take cases that appear to be un-winnable. The following are five reasons why ...
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  • Avoid Being Falsely Accused of Rape in College

    The college years are an exciting time in the life of young men and women. Without parents to watch your every move, you have the freedom to make new friends, go to parties, and stay up as late as you want. However, with all of that new freedom and new people, new problems are bound to occur. Spend one night with the wrong person and you could be falsely accused of rape and face a lifetime of ...
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  • Falsely Accused of Molestation? Defend Your Name & Future

    It may seem completely unfathomable to the average person but there are people out there that have no qualms about falsifying accusations of molestation. Although official numbers have never been determined, there are estimates that accusations of a crime as serious as rape are falsified or exaggerated 10% to 40% of the time. Why would someone want to lie about being molested or sexually ...
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  • Have You Been Falsely Accused of Statutory Rape?

    One of the worst things that can happen to you is to be accused of a crime you did not commit – especially if it is an alleged sex crime such as statutory rape. In the state of Massachusetts and many other states, statutory rape is the crime of having sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 16, even if they allegedly consented. Accusations of statutory rape can inflict irreparable damage ...
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  • Attorney Brad Bailey Secures Not Guilty Verdicts in Aggravated Rape Case

    Nationally-acclaimed Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey has successfully maintained his perfect, undefeated record defending rape-accusations trials in late September 2016 when a Superior Court Jury in Lawrence, Massachusetts returned “not guilty verdicts” for all counts in Commonwealth v. E.P. The ruling is already catching the attention of headlines as Bailey’s reputation for being a ...
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