Blog Posts in 2017

  • William Camuti Trial Begins

    Our founding attorney, Brad Bailey, is currently defending a man named William Camuti, who has been accused of poisoning a man named Stephen Rakes. Mr. Rakes was seen leaving James “Whitey” Bulger’s trial in Boston. He drove to a McDonald’s in Waltham, where Mr. Camuti is accused of serving him iced coffee laced with a lethal dose of cyanide. According to the prosecution, Mr. Camuti poisoned his ...
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  • The Stages of a Typical Criminal Case

    There are no two criminal defense cases that will be exactly the same due to all the evidence and circumstances involved. However, most criminal cases will develop along the same line of progression. Gaining an understanding of these stages can potentially give you an advantage in a criminal defense case of your own, as you will at least know what to expect next and how to react. An average ...
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  • Why Prosecutors Find It Difficult to Prosecute Date Rape Cases

    Being accused of committing a date rape offense can have devastating consequences to an individual’s liberty, reputation, education, and employment opportunities. These crimes are always highly publicized, making the defendant appear guilty before ever stepping foot in the courtroom. However, prosecutors are reluctant to take cases that appear to be un-winnable. The following are five reasons why ...
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  • Attorney Brad Bailey Weighs in on 'Baby Bella' Plea Update

    Headlines were made when the mother of 'Baby Bella' recently changed her plea to guilty in exchange for her sentence to be reduced to time served. Attorney Brad Bailey weighs in on Fox 25 to explain why this move did not come as a surprise:
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  • Avoid Being Falsely Accused of Rape in College

    The college years are an exciting time in the life of young men and women. Without parents to watch your every move, you have the freedom to make new friends, go to parties, and stay up as late as you want. However, with all of that new freedom and new people, new problems are bound to occur. Spend one night with the wrong person and you could be falsely accused of rape and face a lifetime of ...
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  • Alexa, tell me about the 4th Amendment...

    Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa… these are just a few of the digital personal assistants that are increasingly being integrated into our daily lives through our ever increasing internet connected personal devices, homes, and vehicles. Alexa, in particular, is the personification of Amazon’s AI/digital assistant embedded within its Amazon Fire tablets, Fire TV, Echo, Tap, and Dot, this last being one ...
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