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Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Bailey

When it comes to histories of impressive case results and successful outcomes, few are more noteworthy than Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Bailey’s. He has become a common name among the people of the Commonwealth not only for his popular private practice that achieves great results regularly but also for the work he completed as an Assistant District Attorney in both New York County (Manhattan) and Middlesex County. While in New York, he handled thousands of cases during his tenure with a 94% conviction rate; in Massachusetts, he was taking on more than one case a month with an ultimate conviction rate of 96%.

Now that he has turned his attention to the other side of the courtroom, Mr. Bailey’s clients can directly benefit from his 35 years of experience as a D.A. and prosecutor. For his achievements and skill, Super Lawyers® – a nationwide organization that recognizes the top 5% of all attorneys in a particular state – selected Attorney Brad Bailey in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2015. He has also been chosen as a New England Super Lawyer, received the best rating from Martindale-Hubbell® (AV® Preeminent™), was rated “Superb” by Avvo, and was voted a National Top 100 Trial Lawyer. To crown his achievements, he was rated “Outstanding Prosecutor” while working as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston, where he never lost a case, and has been profiled by Dan Rather for “Eyes On America” (CBS).

Notable Legal Victories

Commonwealth v. Urban was an appellate case where Brad successfully argued for, and won, a new trial for his client at both the Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. His client was serving a 6 year prison sentence and was subsequently released from state prison

N.H. v. Sheila LaBarre, a double murder insanity trial in which he served as co-lead counsel, United States v. David LaFleur, a police corruption case in which he and his partner obtained not guilty verdicts.

United States v. Michael Vaccaro, where, as lead counsel, he obtained another jury acquittal on a case in which the client was facing a mandatory minimum thirty year prison sentence.

Commonwealth v. John Doe, in which he won a not guilty verdict in a case of a twenty-one year-old Division I lacrosse player accused of rape.

Brad also achieved a not guilty jury verdict in Commonwealth v. Heinz, a child rape case.

He won a not guilty jury verdict of trafficking in cocaine over 28 grams (and possession with intent to distribute) in Commonwealth v. Dell’Isola.

He also represented a young man accused of killing his grandmother in Commonwealth v. James Clark, where he was successful in reducing the original Murder I indictment via a viable insanity defense.

Brad also challenged the aggravated sexual assault convictions, and won the immediate release of his client from state prison, as well as the reversal of his guilty verdicts, in State of New Hampshire v. E.K. by demonstrating that trial counsel’s failure to call an expert witness familiar with the complaining witnesses little known cognitive disorder deprived the client of effective assistance of counsel at trial.

Brad used an overlooked procedural rule to preserve evidence via video-deposition, and new case law pursuant to the SJC’s decision in Commonwealth v. Adjutant, to establish that the deceased was actually the first aggressor in Commonwealth v. Ericson, a western MA murder case, and used the same defense in Commonwealth v. Harris, a shooting case with multiple victims to reduce the charges from Murder I to Manslaughter.

He was also able to obtain dismissals of indictments alleging kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, and various domestic violence related charges in Commonwealth v. Faccadio, and armed car-jacking charges in Commonwealth v. Miller, in Middlesex County Superior Court.

In other noteworthy cases, Brad obtained dismissals for two teenagers accused of calling in a false bomb threat to the Nantucket Steamship Authority in Commonwealth v. B.R.and Commonwealth v. B.W.

He also represented clients in:

Sampling of Recent Notable Cases

Case Charge(s)
United States v. Berry, et al Conspiracy/Possession w/Intent to Distribute Cocaine & Heroin
United States v. Cruz-Rivera, et al Conspiracy to Distribute Fentanyl & Heroin
United States v. Martinez-Tejada, et al Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin, Cocaine & Fentanyl
United States v. Letourneau Possession of Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. Girouard Human Trafficking
Commonwealth v. Sanchez Trafficking in Heroin
Commonwealth v. Dorvilus Trafficking in Heroin; School Zone
NH v. Knipher Aggravated Sexual Assault
Commonwealth v. Faccadio Kidnapping, Assault DW, A & B Stalking
Commonwealth v. Tranchita Conspiracy/Impeding Investigation/Misleading Law Enforcement
Commonwealth v. Torres Murder I
Commonwealth v. Perez Murder I
Commonwealth v. E. Clark Murder I
United States v. Polanco Heroin Distribution
United States v. Fernandes Possession of Crack Cocaine w/ Intent to Distribute
United States v. A.G. Wire Fraud
United States v. Li Health Care Fraud
United States v. Johnson Heroin Distribution
United States v. Svetlichnyy Wire Fraud
United States v. Allen Armed Career Criminal
Commonwealth v. Ma Indecent Assault & Battery
Commonwealth v. John Doe Possession of Child Pornography
United States v. John Doe Money Laundering
Commonwealth v. Hallum Indecent Assault & Battery
Commonwealth v. Sullivan Drugs for Sex/Rape
Commonwealth v. Weeks Attempted Murder
Commonwealth v. Seams Murder I
Commonwealth v. Walsh Insurance Fraud
United States v. Lee Wire Fraud
Commonwealth v. Williams Trafficking Oxycodone
United States v. Palazuelos-Soto Cocaine Distribution (350 Kilos)
United States v. Stoloff Enticing Minor Child/Interstate Facility
United States v. DeOliveira Bank Fraud
United States v. Stephens Possession of Crack Cocaine w/Intent to Distribute
Commonwealth v. Betancourt Trafficking in Oxycodone; Money Laundering
Commonwealth v. Kercado Murder I
Commonwealth v. Wesley Possession of Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. Turner Indecent Assault & Battery under 14
Commonwealth v. Paulo Aggravated Rape
Commonwealth v. Miller Armed Carjacking
Commonwealth v. Zhang Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute
Commonwealth v. Smiley-Wynters Embezzlement
State of Maine v. Vultee Child Rape/Sex Abuse
United States v. O’Brien, et al. (Tavares) Racketeering
Commonwealth v. Cahill False Pretense Fraud/Conspiracy
United States v. Aponte Felon in Possession
United States v. Villegas-Zuluaga Money Laundering/Conspiracy
United States v. Black-White (Stuart) Wire Fraud/Conspiracy
California v. Gerhartsreiter (Clark Rockefeller) Murder I
United States v. Willis Conspiracy to Distribute Oxycodone/Marijuana
United States v. Mom Conspiracy to Possess Oxycodone w/ Intent to Distribute
United States v. Haycock Conspiracy to Make False Statements Re: Gun Purchase
United States v. Stephens Possession w/ Intent to Distribute
United States v. Karunatilaka Insider Trading
Commonwealth v. Federico Child Pornography Distribution/Possession
Commonwealth v. Quinn Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. Quach Enticing Child
Commonwealth v. Simoncini Enticing Child
Commonwealth v. Ericson Rape of Child/Indecent A&B Under 14
Commonwealth v. Dell’Isola Trafficking Cocaine
United States v. Karen Tucker Wire Fraud (“Bridescam”)
Commonwealth v. Martin Urban Forcible Rape / COA appeal
United States v. McCredie Securities Fraud / Tax Evasion
United States v. Ostrowski Mail Fraud / Stolen Property / Money Laundering
United States v. Luckett Wire Fraud
United Sates v. Kilgore Conspiracy / Cocaine
Connecticut v. Foran Posing Minor / Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. Gustavson Child Pornography / 2nd Offense
Commonwealth v. Gibson Attempted Murder
People v. Lee Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. McCrae Child Rape with Force
United States v. Bonito Civil Rights Violations
United States v. Chowdhury Student Loan Fraud / ID Theft
United States v. Birje Child Pornography / State Line Sex with Minor
Commonwealth v. Rubin Enticing Child
Commonwealth v. Rise Murder 1 SJC Appeal
Commonwealth v. Meaney Aggravated Rape COA Appeal
Commonwealth v Leaks Masked Armed Robbery
Commonwealth v. Lawler $3M Embezzlement
United States v. Handojo Stolen Property / Wire Fraud
United States v. Esparza, et al Marijuana Smuggling
United States v. Eze Healthcare fraud/ID theft
United States v. Hochberg Wire / Securities fraud
Commonwealth v. Eric Carlson Murder I
Commonwealth v. Howard Payne Murder I
Commonwealth v. Daniel Harris Murder I
Commonwealth v. Nicholas Harrell Murder I
Commonwealth v. James Clark Murder I
New Hampshire v. Sheila LaBarre Murder I (Double Homicide)
United States v. David LaFleur Police corruption
United States v. Michael Vaccaro Firebomb / Arson
United States v. Carlos Pizarro Cocaine / Heroin Distribution / Police Corruption
United States v. Angela Buckborough Platt Largest Federal Private Embezzlement Case in MA
United States v. James Dorman Executive Embezzlement case
Commonwealth v. John Doe Forcible Rape
New Hampshire v. E.K. Aggravated Felonious Assault (Rape of Child)
Connecticut v. Scott Shefelbine Sexual Assault 1 & 2 (Rape)
Commonwealth v. Andrew Schlehuber Trafficking in Cocaine
United States v. Hannah Al-Jader Domestic Slavery
United States v. Harris Taubman Child Pornography
United States v. George Ripsom NH – ACC
Commonwealth v. Kdheer International Parental Kidnapping
Commonwealth v. Reed & Williams Teenage Bomb Threat
Commonwealth v. Thomas Heinz Child Rape
United States v. Nicholas Djokich Murder for Hire
United States v. Ficken Market Timing / Securities Fraud
Commonwealth v. Asfaw Airport Bomb / Terror Threat
United States v. Pani Trade Secrets
United States v. Rego Mortgage Fraud
United States v. Palmer-Andrade Social Security / Passport / Mortgage Fraud
Commonwealth v. Finos Child Rape/Promoting Child Sex Act /Child Pornography
Commonwealth v. Kim Child Rape
Commonwealth v. Gray Child Rape
Commonwealth v. Coppin Rape
United States v. Kelley Extortion / Threats
United States v. Tina Le, et al Wire Fraud / Money Laundering
United States v. Palmer Immigration Fraud
Com v. Camuti Murder I
Com v Bradley Murder I
USA v. Medina Document Fraud
USA v. Nickerson Heroin Distribution
USA v. Daub Wire Fraud
USA v. Hernandez Possession Intent Heroin/Fentanyl
USA v. Carmenatty

Possession Intent Heroin/Fentanyl

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